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Going back into periods of time as far as history can be remembered, women was highly discriminated in almost every society. They were always discriminated against and oppressed towards any society that they lived in. Although, they were discriminated that period of time, it brought women to defining their stereotype of their own sex. Women went against discrimination by speaking out. With the amount of the strength and intelligence they had, neither woman feared against any men that could potentially lay out consequences for the act they were presenting during that time. Religion was a big factor during the Medieval period. It played a huge role in the pessimistic point of view about women during that time. Women were looked as a responsibility for the fall of mankind because them being a patriarchal-based society. That lead of the belief of women being direct descendants of Eve from the bible and that they were responsible for the fall of a guilty state of disobedience. Eve characteristics was believed to have the exact similar characteristics of a Medieval woman. This belief ended coming to a big disagreement. The wife of bath and Margery Kempe were the 2 women to change how women were defined during the Medieval time. Although with them working to define the stereotype of women, The Wife of Bath was only a fictional character. The Wife of Bath was a character from Geoffrey Chaucer’s book “The Canterbury tales”. Margery Kempe was an actual person that written her own autobiography called “The Book of Margery Kempe”. They saw themselves as women with power and qualities compared to other women throughout the society. They preferred themselves to act at a unique style than other Christians because of how religion is viewed by them.
Both of these women are from two different backgrounds with different stories but similarities between the two. One character being fictional and the other being a nonfictional character that actually lived through problems society viewed women as.
The Wife of Bath would have held power over men if she would’ve existed during those times in the Medieval period, the amount of number of unions was so high that it was frowned by the society of stong Christians values. Because of five men giving into her seduction and going against the norms of society it gave her power over them. Margery Kempe wasn’t as harsh compared to The Wife of Bathe. She was a highly religious woman that created a special relationship with Jesus Christ. She was recognized for cries about her visual experiences with Jesus. Society looked at her as if she was a mentally ill person. Although, society had their personal views about her ,her religious devotion made her powerful in that society. She defended her viewpoints and personal beliefs as in what she believed to what was “right”. She always pursued her lifestyle and thoughts from right or wrong, this allowed to gain power as woman in that Medieval society. The Wife of bath was ne...


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