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Jalin Wald
Mrs. Lee
English III CP – 4th Block
Literature throughout my life.
Reading is one of the most important thing that a child will learn in its lifetime. For me reading was easy and fun to learn as a kindergartener, but as I got older an essay was usually attached the main assignment. Which would make things a lot worse. From middle school, up until now my love for reading has ceased to exist and. To find out how, we must go back to my earlier life.
I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on August 12, 2002. The first time, that I can remember, reading was the night before my first day of school. Me and my mom were laying down on my bed reading Llama Llama Red Pajama. She read me the same book every night and it felt like It was a new one each time. The next day I went to school ready to conquer the world with my new found reading skills I learned from my mom. Throughout elementary school reading got harder and harder. The books were longer and I had harder quizzes, but in enjoyed a good challenge. So throughout elementary school reading was still relatively fun for me. But that all changed in my first year of middle school.
I walked into my sixth-grade year knowing that it was going to be harder, but I felt like that I could handle myself and do good. In the first week, we learned what an essay is and how to write it. This was like trying to learn a foreign language. I had no idea what my teacher was talking about. So, a few weeks go by and we’re reading a book called “The Graveyard Book”. Throughout the book I liked it. I thought it was really interesting, and was a change of pace from what I had been originally reading. When we finished the book, my teacher told us that we were going to have to write an essay. Which I didn’t think too much of, I’ve never done one so how bad can it be. I got home and started looking at my notes I...

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