Essay On College Life And Its' New Beginnings - Ms. Grooms - Essay

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Biasca 1
Gherlaine Biasca
Professor Jean Grooms
English 28
6 October 2016
New Beginnings
College has often been described as being the single, most fun period in anybody's life,
but what that claim fails to account for is that every individual's personal definition of fun is
fundamentally different. Many people always say to enjoy high school while it lasts because
college is the real deal and it can be very difficult to where I could have a mental breakdown.
Others state they love college due to having less rules and more freedom on their hands. College
all depends on how a person views it themselves and the experiences that they go through.
Having an understanding of the college lifestyle will help to determine whether or not college is
actually enjoyable like others claim it to be, but only I can determine that myself with the
experiences that I go through throughout each day.
Leaving high school and recognizing that I will become a first time college student made
my stomach turn because I did not know if I would be fully prepared for what comes my way. So
far, being at Los Angeles Harbor College for the past 6 weeks has been smooth. There are
homework assignments, readings, and essays that I had to do, but it has not been stressful yet.
The only tough part about being a college student is time management. The amount of studying
Biasca 2
and reading I have to do on a daily basis is not all awful to where it makes me want to shed tears,
but it is still troublesome when I have other assignments to do for my other classes. I am not
usually a procrastinator, but there are times when I just need to sit down and clear my head for a
When I do procrastinate, I think to myself why I started in the first place and what would
happen if I did proceed to doing my work. The three commodities that motivate me to still be in
school and do the tasks I need to do are my family, friends, and especially myself. My family is
going to be my support system regardless. I know that they would want me to go to college to
further my education and to be able to be somebody in the near future and of course they would
not take no for an answer. My friends, such as Cordei, are also one of my support systems
because we all help one another...

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