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Maybe there is a flaw in the photo industry itself? Is today's model of
licensing and sales of photographs viable? How best to sell your
photos? Will open resources photo stocks increase supply growth up
until the number of pictures will not reach a level where photographers
could not even very cheap to sell good photos and make money on
those that sell?
Theoretically, this horrible scenario is likely to become reality. Already
Shutter stock alone offers more than 5 million photographs, which do
not require payment of royalties, and, as stated CEO John Orangey,
each month the number of new revenue in the millions. Number of
images in the bank Dreamtime also exceeded 5 million. Due to the
fact that the old photos - sold or not - remain in their bases, photo
stock will continue to grow indefinitely. Since the proposal ahead of
demand - in the world has always been more pictures than buyers -
prices will become lower and lower.
In fact, this is something that has already resulted in micro stock.
Between the license fee, part of $ 1 (the photographer gets only
pennies), and their photos almost no difference.
But photographers have to worry not only about the total number of
available photos. In the end, it is difficult to imagine that prices will fall
even lower. They also should wo...

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