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Essay On Junk Food

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Most of today's Americans are killing themselves with food. Everywhere I go, all I see is fast-food restaurants, lousy eating habits and unconscious people. They don't seem to make eating habits a priority anymore. I think that people forgot one of the fundamental aspects of the human body: you are what you eat. If you eat fat, you will be fat. It is as logical to me as saying that if you drink five gallons of gasoline, you will die. Thus, I think that children should begin learning good food habits at a young age, so that the doom of an America where people die of heart failure in their twenties can be avoided. Let's start with fast-food. The best example of this phenomenon is the so-loved - or ...view middle of the document...

I think I know the reason why: they are lazy. Why make the effort of carefully planning your nutrition when you can pick up a box of junk right off the shelves? I was shocked when I got here and witnessed the obsession that people have with carbohydrates. For every single product (or almost) that is bad for your health, there is another one that is identified as "low-carb". To me, this means "less bad"; I think we can agree that less bad does not mean good. Instead of wanting to eat the same junk with a bit less carbohydrates, people should rather try to change their alimentation to one that is going to be healthy and nutritious. This is the era of communications, technology, stress and hurry. Everything just keeps getting faster, and this includes eating. People don't take the time to eat slowly anymore. It is scientifically proven that when you eat too fast, you over-eat. This is due to the fact that the status of the stomach (whether it is full or not) is reported to the brain within a ten minute delay. Thus, if you eat too fast, you probably won't know when to stop. As result of this, your stomach will be overfilled and will stretch without shrinking back afterwards. So, the next time you eat, your stomach will get larger, and larger, and so on. This will go on until the point where you will die of plumpness. Since these habits are developed at a young age, students should be taught to eat slowly in order to avoid this problem. In conclusion, weight problems in the United States are due to two realities: junk food and bad eating habits. If students were better educated at a young age, over-weight would most probably not be a major issue for Americans.

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