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The news media can affect our daily lives in countless ways. Sometimes the media tries to persuade our opinions on certain issues such as homosexuality and politics. However, there are ways to decipher just how credible a news source is. In this essay I will be talking about three different news programs that cover the same topic. Although the topics were the same, each news program had differences that ultimately lead to one of them being more credible than the others.
The topic that was presented in all three news reports was regarding terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France. The first video I watched was from Fox News. The focus of their message was that there were now five suspects wanted in the deadly attacks. They stated how Turkish officials notified Belgium officials, prior to the attacks, about one of the suspects. They also discussed the heightened security checks at the Brussels Metro Station since the deadly attacks. This news report was very factual and did not have any subjective commentary. The next news report I watched was from MSNBC. This news report leads with a few questions such as how many people were involved in the attacks and how many of them have not been caught yet. They then focused on the brothers, that were identified as two of the suicide bombers, and a third suspect who they believed to be involved but had not been identified yet. In this news report there was more subjective commentary than the first. There was speculation on whether one suspect would have been a part of the recent bombings if he wasn’t caught prior to them. Also, commentary on how large they assume ISIS network in Europe is becoming and how many people they are recruiting from Europe. There were not any facts given that supported these assumptions. The last news report I watched was from CNN. This report did not include a lot of factual information and was very brief. It was slanted more towards the misinformation from Belgium police on how many suspects there are. The news reporters also shared their views on how the Belgium officials will need to produce more information in order to utilize the public and gain information on the suspects. From just watching this report I would not be able to gather any information on the attacks...


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