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Ryan Raphael
Professor Connor
English 102
Oink Oink: The changing rhetorical perception of law enforcement in society
        The first Police force was formed on September 29th, 1829 in London. George Whitmore was known as the first commissioner of the police force. Their goal by doing this was to improve public law which there wasn’t much of at the time. This led to the development of policing in the United States whose job focused on protecting and enforcing the laws toward the citizens of America for their protection and safety. At the time the U.S. came to realize that not everyone liked us. For this reason, efforts had to be put forth in our defense If not? Well, the U.S. wouldn’t be what it is today, and neither would be the Law Enforcement behind it.. This includes the shift in racism, better security, and the increase of military equipment.
        The 1960’s was a controversial time when it came to civil rights in America. Law enforcement dealt with issues inappropriately, harming many in the process. Birmingham, Alabama started a huge Civil Rights Movement in hopes of gaining equal rights among the races. This was known as the Birmingham Campaign, where citizens started boycotting and committing walk outs. This created a big headache for not only the owners of these businesses, but for the law enforcement as well. Over time, protesters stopped abiding by the Law Enforcements’ wishes. Although these protests were peaceful, the police force responded in a poor manner. Police officers used fire hoses and allowed police dogs to attack protestors. Most people saw the wrongdoing of this, including President John F. Kennedy, who stated “The events in Birmingham…has increased the cries for equality and that no city or state or legislative body can prudently choose to ignore them.” Kennedy believed the use of force from the police was unnecessary. This is still an issue in today’s society, however, it is much less of a problem in comparison to then. Protesting political issues in 2019 happens, however you won’t find much of the same prejudice on law enforcements part, due to the fact that it is deemed wrong. When police have to act, they have to be careful of what they say and do because if they deal with a situation inappropriately, they’ll be faced with the consequences.
The security around the U.S. is one of the things that has progressed the most when it comes to Law enforcement. This is for many reasons, one being the attacks on September 11th 2001.  The 9/11 attacks were a series of four well planned airplane attacks by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The terrorists were seen going through Boston Logan International Airport security months before the attack actually occurred. This was to test out the security and better understand what they were up against. The technology used to prevent this kind of threat was nothing compared to the technology used today. Nineteen terrorists committed the hijacks on four separate planes. Two...


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