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Wilson 1
Kamre Wilson
Professor Shields
INRW 0301
29 March 2018
The Negative Attributes
Most people join church because they are raised from an early age to believe that it is the right thing to do. Our parents and grandparents have instilled this into us from generation to generation. We seldomly question the beliefs, the background, or even the overall truth of what is really going on, especially about our own religion. My experience with religion has evolved as I grew up. Now, I think about my childhood, the beliefs handed down to me, and I wonder what are my own beliefs, all of this brings me to a standstill, now what do I believe?
Growing up in my household, Christianity was the religion I was brought into. Church every Sunday, choir rehearsal every Friday, and bible study every Wednesday. This schedule was all I knew until I was 12 years old. The bible was everything to our family, we lived by it daily. Grace before touching your food, prayers before bed, you name it, it pertained to Christianity we did it. Secretly, everything came to a stop. We were not going to church anymore, our pastor who became a good family friend did not come around. You never questioned adults, so I never asked why. Eventual...


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