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To become enlightened means to awaken to the present mind; this very awareness or science is the Bodhi mind that is originally pure. When enlightened, this mind is the buddha; this mind is the way. Sudden enlightenment is focused on the perfect practise. In some Zen descriptions, as in certain strands of the Rinzai school, only an awaking that simultaneously prefects all aspects of Buddhist training; may be authentically described as sudden enlightenment. Although there is some, quibbling regarding details and specific interpretations; like Hui-neng’s doctrine of sudden enlightenment as shown in his “mind verse”; Shen-hui’s campaign in opposition to the gradual teaching of the northern school and in support of public recognition of Hui-neng as sixth patriarch. Sudden enlightenment established by Shen-hui. Hui-neng was the teacher of the Golden age of chan. Hui-neng life time was called as a “ olden age of cha`n. Hui-neng is known for his teaching on “sudden enlightenment.” The basic idea is that we can become enlightened in this life. On the other hand, the Rinzai school is called the school of “sudden enlightenment”, because it does not recognized a process leading to enlightenment(satori) as something worthy of a special attention; what counts is an experience of satori only. Vajrayana form of Tantric Buddhism...

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