Essay On The Discourses In The Movie "The Dish" 2001

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There were many discourses that were evidently operating within the film, "The Dish." It is specifically set in the summer of 1969, during the age of the space race period. This film looks directly at the space projects created by America and Australia's involvement in Apollo Elevens first manned voyage to the moon.Through the use of these discourses, combined with the connotations associated with these, we are truly able to find the under pinning values that are still evident in today's Australian Society. It shows the typical traits of the Australian stereotype through the use of mateship, perseverance and a genuine laid back approach to the situations ...view middle of the document...

Though at times, the detail incorporated to backup some machinery and computerised equipment could have been expanded, the film generally flowed. In combination with this discourse, there was also the portion of science operating. This discourse mainly occurred through the tensions between the Australian team and the representative scientists from NASA. It gave us a good insight into the 'real' scientist. As we observe that scientists as more or less normal people with families, interests outside work and the desire to make a difference in society. Cliff Buxton (Sam Neil) best sums this discourse up in the quote, "This is science's chance to be daring." In saying this, it brings our attention to those that have helped us create today's world, and how much we really take for granted, most commonly, science.Through the Australian stereotype that is obviously used throughout the movie, probably even slightly over emphasised, we notice the discourse of Camaraderie and mateship. It was seen from the early stages of the movie, as we let American forces use our radio telescope dish as a backup receiver for the television transmission from the moon. Even though this is seen as an honour to many, it was something that did not have to accept. The ease and relaxed approach of the Australian characters also added to this theme. Though, this was contrasted by the rivalry and objections against American representative scientists. As the movie progressed, we saw this slowly diminish, as the concept of joining forces to complete the task at hand became the main priority of both sides.


Essay On The Movie "Battle Ship Potemkin."

1516 words - 7 pages . Different countries had different reasons on why they banned the movie Battleship Potemkin, many governments didn't want to show a movie about a successful rebellion. "The French police burned every copy they could find, in Pennsylvania it was banned on the grounds that it `gives American sailors a blue-print as to how to conduct a mutiny', and in Europe one censor tied a knot in Eisenstein's Marxist dialectic with a sinister warning to any would-be

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343 words - 2 pages Free opinion was wrong with is satire. The other scene that included funny satire dealing with Mr. Simpson was when Ms. Lamont showed in her contract that she had the right in the contract to have control over her advertising. The satire was that Mr. Simpson the head of the company had no clue what was included in the contract and said "I am confused" and the leader should not be confused. The use of satire added another aspect to the movie and lightened the mood and made the movie better.

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3478 words - 14 pages . She begins by telling him what she sees going on in the game and how they are getting beat because of what they are not doing on the field. She then puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him that now is not the time to be proud. Throughout the entire movie Yoast acts as if he is to proud to admit that Boone is a good coach. The comments that they make to each other on the field about paying attention to what they are supposed to be doing and not

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1366 words - 6 pages subsequent lynchings were blamed on the film). But the protests only boosted box office receipts, which broke all records and made Griffith rich as well as famous. To further his ends in broadening his audience, Griffith can be understood as attempting to be subtle or "politically correct" basing the movie on a book, using his own patriotically provocative title than the term "clansman." At the end of the film he depicts a utopian world with a huge, super

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839 words - 4 pages experienced, undue influence of body shape and weight on self-evaluation, or persistent lack of recognition of the seriousness of the current low body weight. ( Eating Disorders, 2016) Treatment Plan 1. Refer to a psychologist- like they did in the movie 2. Support from family and friends- that was missing in the movie 3. IV for giving nutrition because she was refusing to eat 4. PICC line 5. Emotional support- let her talk about her feelings Refrences