Essay On Weather Or Not We Agree With Political Veiws Of Brett Kavanaugh English Honers 3 Brett Kavanaugh Essay

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Matya Dunker
Period: 3
Would you want to have a man who lies, is insensitive to others and plain disrespectful sitting in a position to decide the laws of the country? Brett Kavanaugh was born in Washington, where he would attend Yale law school and graduated in 1990. His career began rapidly after he graduated and he was later appointed by ex-President George W. Bush and joined the D.C. Circuit court. We should not vote for Kavanaugh because he is not truthful, he is insensitive to others and shows a disrespect for women.
We Should not vote for Brett Kavanaugh to be sit on our Supreme Court for the main reason is that he is not a truthful person. Why would we want someone with these personality traits making our laws? According to the Washington Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath five times. He also lied on an interview he did on Fox news. Judge Kavanaugh said he never attended a gathering like the one Dr. Ford talked about but he had things about the gatherings on his own calendars. Judge Kavanaugh said he never drank to the point where he couldn’t remember what happened the next day. He said he went to parties in college and had beers like most people, but people who knew him say he was stumbling drunk a lot in high school and college. In his interview with Fox News Judge Kavanaugh stated that the drinking age in Maryland was 18 for most of his time in high school. That wasn’t true because the drinking age was raised to 21 in Maryland in 1982 when he was 17. Judge Kavanaugh said he got into Yale Law School because of hard work and he had no connections there. In fact, he got into Yale because his grandfather went to there. Brett Kavanaugh said he grew up in a city that had a lot of gun violence, gang violence and drug violence. He grew up Bethesda Maryland which is an area where rich people live. There is very little gun and gang violence. There is a lot of drug use by rich white people and the police don’t get involved.
We Should not vote for Brett Kavanaugh to be sit on our Supreme Court for the main reason is that he is shows a disrespect for women by his stance on women’s issues. Why would we want someone with these personality traits making our laws? Brett Kavanaugh’s record shows that he does not support reproductive rights or the Affordable Care Act. His record also shows that he put what corporations and the rich over the concerns of everyday people, women, people of color and other communities. Christine Blasey-Ford, Deborah Ramirez ...


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