Essay Outline For An Essay About The Higher Cost Of Education - English 1A - Asssignment

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Emily Tran
Professor Mattoon
English 1A
8 October 2018
Essay 2 Full Outline
Thesis: The cost of education is far too high for people to attain, causing the quality of education to be devalued.
Quote from Kozol about being “ghetto” by high school student
Students in poorer schools have a low bar of expectation—(tie in to above quote)
Re-segregation has occurred based on economic class
Define re-segregation
Primary and secondary education (K-12) has re-segregated based on economic class preventing all students from receiving equal curriculum opportunities—use Anyon and Kozol’s ideas to back your explanation
Schools based on class provide unequal curriculums with the majority of American students suffering standardization and lack critical thinking
Both author’s examine the inequities of primary and secondary education (K-12) based on socio-economic class
Kozol illustrates with empirical evidence and advocates more funding for poor schools
Anyon demonstrates the inequity through her sociological study.
Both have a purpose (Kozol’s is explicit / Anyon’s is implicit) to shed light on the problem to invoke change
These inequities are damaging to students and the community as a whole.
Richer schools offer students more complex, advanced classes
Critical thinking and autonomy are encouraged in richer schools
Provide evidence of elite schools from Anyon
Analyze how Anyon’s data shows students in richer schools have greater advantages for college and career
Poorer schools corporatize their curriculum
Teachers have little resources and lower expectations for students
Provide illustrations from Kozol’s essay
Analyze how the teaching styles and inadequate facilities are detrimental to the students’ future opportunities
Standards are lowered in poorer schools because they do not receive adequate funding and the students are considered less capable of higher level thinking.
Administrators claim they are working with the little they are given.
They just hope to prepare poor students for basic vocational work.
Explain reasoning provided in Kozol’s essay.
It is better than nothing to at least teach poor students how to be workers and follow rules.
It is short-sighted to believe that economic class incapacitates students’ capabilities.
This logic is fallible.
When given greater opportunities, all students’ can rise to higher expectations.
The mindset needs to be changed from inequitable to equitable for all students.
If schools provide an equal, high-quality curriculum, then the benefits would be far-reaching.
More students could discover, develop, and explore a greater variety subjects with critical thinking.
More students can be better prepared for college and careers.
Then the citizenry becomes more educated and capable of taking on the types of complex jobs available in the market today.
Then the U.S. can become a more advance country making great innovations as they did once did over 50 years ago.
Is America a still a great country?
If the government and school administrators acknowledge the dangers of re-segregation, they might be more willing to make the necessary changes to provide equal, high-quality education to all primary and secondary students.

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