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Essay Structure And Things About How To Write An Essay Mlc Year 6 English

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An introduction should have 
1. A response to the question that includes a reference to the author and the book. 
2. A very brief summary of the text in response to the question. (A nutshell) 
3. A thesis that outlines what your main idea is, and the way that you are going to answer the question.  (Lists the three points for the body paragraphs) 
Example of an introduction. 
In the novel Whisper, Keighery tells the story of Demi, a young woman who, after losing her hearing, faces a very difficult journey to eventually find self-acceptance in her life. At 14 Demi was diagnosed as profoundly deaf and this has left her feeling like she doesn’t fit comfortably into her old life as a ‘hearie’ or her new life as a deaf person. Over her journey Keighery uses point of view, characterisation and use of language to present the contrast of her two worlds and her journey to finding self-acceptance of her place in this new world. 
Body Paragraphs 
Topic Sentence             
Explanation – Preface to Quote         
An example of a strong paragraph: 
Narrative convention – 1st Person Narrative Point of View 
Sample of a Strong Body Paragraph. 
Keighery’s powerful use of 1st person divulges the true emotions, feelings and conflicts that demi embarks on through the story. Due to her unexpected diagnoses that brought on deafness, Demi commences her new schooling life at the local deaf school. But Demi is not completely content at this new school, stating: “I remind myself I am just here to learn. I just have to get good marks” (p. 20). This comment reveals that she doesn’t truly plan on enjoying this new school; she will only focus on working hard and doesn’t expect it to provide fun for her. Nevertheless, by the conclusion of the novel, Demi has accepted that the school is an amazing part of her new life: “I think about how I had to battle to get mum to agree with me to change schools. And how it was so worth it” (p. 225).  These meaningful comments from Demi allow Keighery to present her significant journey as the novel progresses to the confident and capable character we see at the end of the story. 
Sample of a Good Body Paragraph 
Keighery’s use of 1st person point of view allows the reader to fully understand the emotions and the conflicts that Demi faces. Since her diagnosis she has constantly questioned whether she should have remained with her hearing friends or moved to her new deaf friends. As she leaves Stavros’s party she comes to a decision, “I’m not the same as these people, these people who can still hear.” (p. 17). This comment from Demi using 1st person shows the reader a moment when Demi faces the reality of the difference between herself and her old friends. Demi has struggled to figure out where she fits in the world and by using 1st person point of view Keighery allows us to see, hear and feel what Demi is experiencing, so that we can accompany her on her journey. 

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