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Assessment 4- Critical Analysis
“Professionals in the contemporary justice system experience unique ethical challenges and should thus be granted leniency in their ethical conduct”. Critically analyse this statement using a criminal justice profession.
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Correctional Officers are those responsible for the wellbeing of inmates regarding custody, safety, security and supervision of the individuals within a prison or other correctional facility. Correctional officers often face a range of ethical dilemmas, this paper will analyse as well as address whether officers should be treated with more leniency in relation to their ethical conduct. Firstly, this paper will introduce the ethical issues of the over use of resistance techniques as well as control practices by officers. It will then go on to address corruption within prisons in relation to smuggling of contraband. Lastly it will address the issue of officer-inmate relationships both consensual and non-consensual. Throughout all these topics the paper will draw upon ethical issues and theories to assist in asserting whether officers should be treated with leniency regarding each topic or not. Ultimately, although correctional officers face ethical challenges they hold a duty of care to their profession and thus for the most part should not be treated with leniency when breached.
Excessive use of force through resistance techniques
Correctional officers often face a large extent of ethical dilemmas regarding their loyalty to uphold their professional responsibility. It is important for this profession to abide by strict rules regarding the way in which they implement their use of force (Ross 2013). There have been various cases which officers have breached their responsibility through the over use of force and in these instances, they should not be granted leniency in their ethical conduct as they have a professional responsibility to uphold (McIlwain 2004). Correctional Officers are strictly trained in the way they are expected to handle inmates, they are taught to use force in a safe yet effective manner (Tait 2011). However, many officers have been seen to bre...

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