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Ethical Decision-MakingEthics can be defined as standards that indicate how one should behave based on moral duties and virtues. As a practical matter, ethics is about how we meet the challenge of doing the right thing when that will cost more than we want to pay. One must have the ability to discern right from wrong and good from evil, and then commit to do what is right or good. Most people have convictions about what is right and wrong based on religious beliefs, cultural roots, family background, personal experiences, laws, professional norms and political habits. These are not the best values to make ethical decisions by, not because they are unimportant, but because they are ...view middle of the document...

In addition, making ethical choices are complex because in many situations there are competing interests and values. The ethical person is concerned with what is right to do, not with what she has a right to do. When faced with an ethical problem, first ask yourself, is it right? Is it fair? Who gets hurt in the end? Would you be comfortable if the details of your decision were reported on the front page of your newspaper? Today leaders in all occupations and professions have the duty to help people form their ethical standards on the job. At the same time, we live in a world that presents more and more ethical gray areas. Circumstances attract us every day urging us to take the easy way out or to twist something just a little. The distinction between what is legal and what is unethical has become blurred.There are so many instances in life where ethics play a major role in decisions that we, as humans, make. Ethical decision making processes take place mostly when conclusions are reached that directly affect people, but what are ethics? This sounds like if you just follow your conscience then it would be fairly easy to come up with the right verdict. There is only one flaw in respect to this hypothesis; it doesn¹t always work. A prime example of this is the space shuttle Challenger accident that took place on 28 January 1986. This accident, that affected many lives beyond those of the crew, was a direct result of managerial breakdown. There are two paths which managers can take when formatting decisions. The first of these are programmed decisions which are routine, repetitive, well structured situations through the use of predetermined decision rules. If we clearly analyze the Challenger Case we can see that this set of principles does not apply. There was no standard operating procedure here for unreliable O-rings. This was not an assembly line where one flaw would shut down an entire day of work. This was a space craft with people in it and the only profit to be made here was the advancement of science. We can see that as situations become random and ill structured they seek the advice of up...


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445 words - 2 pages of life and heroic measures. This is certainly a situation that I hadn’t really considered before reading Sid’s story. When you factor in having to make very quick decisions, in a heightened emotional state, you really understand how incredibly difficult for a family it must be. I feel that doctors and surgeons should be the ones making these very difficult decisions because they have the ethical knowledge of making decision based off the

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861 words - 4 pages inventory taken. Interpretation of the results will apply to this person's personal and professional development addressing her use of ethics in thinking and decision-making as well as dealing with opposing interpretations of ethical behavior from others.Interpreting the ResultsThe four core beliefs of ethical philosophy associated with the ethical awareness inventory are character, obligation, results, and equity. This person's ethical profile

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615 words - 3 pages . Silicon also needs to conduct an ethical decision-making process to make sure that they are sending the right messages to their employees. When assessing the ethical decision-making process, they need to focus on their incentive program and or quotes. It seems that it is making employees question what is really wanted from them and what the company’s objectives are.

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585 words - 3 pages then consult my colleagues, supervisor, and if needed the NASW to discuss this dilemma in a confidential setting, with neutral party, to get professional advice on how to handle things. I would then take some time to process everything to ensure that I am making the best possible decision for my client and for myself in the given situation. Given Becky’s situation and the ethical and legal responsibilities that I face as a human service

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850 words - 4 pages Free Global Statement of Ethics. The intent of the Global Ethics Office is to spread an ethical corporate culture among its global stakeholders. The Global Ethics Office provides guidance on ethical decision making based on the Global Statement of Ethics and an ethics helpline. The helpline is an anonymous and confidential way for associates to contact the company regarding ethical issues. Additionally, Walmart has an Ethical Standards Team to monitor

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1738 words - 7 pages important to have because employees are influenced by the social statuses around them. This means that they are looking outside themselves when it comes to how they think and act (Trevino & Nelson, 2014). A good culture can be a great source to ensuring that the employees in your business are making good ethical choices and judgments in their day to day activities. The role that Paradigm Toys leadership plays in fostering an ethical culture

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429 words - 2 pages opposition to the "accepted" perspective, embracing broad representation in ethical decision making. One thing that I hate is Micro Management. I think this type of management can be found almost everywhere and I don't agree with it. My personal experience my employees work better and produce more when I let them do their work without being a Micro Manager. I think this is better for the workplace and the moral as a whole.EquityMy results

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490 words - 2 pages and represent my patients wishes. Additionally I should put my feelings aside when advocating for the patient. I dont know what goes on behind closed doors. I dont know the full story, nor do I want to. I am just fulfilling a dying mans last wishes. 2. Evaluate how you applied the principles of beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, and justice to the scenario. Autonomy giving the patient power in his own decision making. It is not my

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1747 words - 7 pages -based marketing techniques is to evaluate whether the act – consequences and characteristics, and the agent – intentions, are ethical based on the moral standard which buttress egoism. The act of using neuroscience-based marketing techniques is in the self interest of the marketer in achieving increased sales through driving consumption, however, it restricts consumers from making an informed buy by provoking an emotional as opposed to a rational

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1200 words - 5 pages For Help: Preventing Passive Euthanasia Decision-Making for Neonates 3 with Non-Fatal Congenital Defects." Journal Of Legal Medicine 34, no. 3 (July 2013): 273. 4 die. Active euthanasia is also referred to as “mercy-killing” and religious discourses 4 and institutions are ready to call out people who believe in it, because according to religious beliefs, especially among the three major world religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, it is not

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1100 words - 5 pages experimental treatment on Sandy without the consent of Ms. Kay is in accordance with the rule. The rule that would apply in this situation will be for Dr Cee to only perform the experimental treatment if Ms. Kay consents to it. Professional ethical rules are rules that comply with professional ethics such as administering treatments to patients according to their guidance will, or legal decision makers. As such, I would say that Dr Cee’s action does not

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980 words - 4 pages Free decision making tools when making investment decisions. Without confidence in the validity of these documents, investors would be reluctant to part with their money. One only needs to look to Enron, WorldCom, and Arthur Anderson to see the reality of this. Arthur Anderson destroyed themselves by missing ethical violations. As auditors they missed (or disregarded) the "fraud triangle" discussed in the article.Without the confidence of the public in the

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2449 words - 10 pages , obligations and standards central to the nursing vocation. Yet, it has turned out to be ever more trying for nurses in all parts of the world to practice with honesty amongst the compound moral adoptions and burdens that nurses meet. An ethical issue can arise in any healthcare circumstances where reflective moral queries of “appropriateness” or “wrong” lie beneath skilled decision-making and the humanitarian care of patients. For instance, critical care

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469 words - 2 pages school do not provide specific guidelines for the complex decisions that must be made in a moments time as a call taker for the Department. Years of experience in this particular field may be required to know what is acceptable and that's where my personal feelings come into play. Knowledge of workplace integrity will help me to recognize ethical issues and handle the decision process for resolving them. By noticing integrity and ethics issues at an early time in my career at the Department I will be able to better assist myself and my coworkers with conflicts of personal values and the operating procedures that guide our workplace.

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1348 words - 6 pages or her up for adoption, because increases their chances of finding a family that will care for them. 4. Abortion in the medical field Mabel, H., Rose, S. L., & Kodish, E. (2017). Decision-Making for an Incapacitated Pregnant Patient. Hastings Center Report, 47(4), 12. Retrieved from Mabel, Rose