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Ethical Leadership
Ethical leadership is the concept in which army leaders must apply themselves within the bounds of the ethical and moral guidelines given to us. These guidelines have been developed throughout the history of our army, as conflicts have changed our army has evolved alongside them and will most likely continue to change well into the future. From our reading, THE ARMY OFFICERS’ PROFESSIONAL ETHIC— PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE, we are given seven principles by which to guide the ethics of our leadership.
The first principle reads “Accept service to country as their watchword and defense of the Constitution of the United States of America as their calling. They subordinate their personal interests to the requirements of their professional functions and the accomplishment of assigned missions.” This means that once we accept our commission, for the entirety of our career as military officers, we place the service to our country and the defense of the Constitution above our own self-interest.
The second principle reads “Conduct themselves at all times as members of an honorable profession whose integrity, loyalty, and moral and physical courage are exemplary. Such qualities are essential on and off the battlefield if a military organization is to function effectively.” This principle is the most important because it outlines how we as officers must carry ourselves in our actions as well as in the eyes of the public. This is crucial in upholding the standards of the army as well as maintaining the chain of command.
The third principle reads “. Develop and maintain the highest possible level of professional knowledge and skill. To do less is to fail to meet their obligations to the men and women with whom they serve, to the profession, and to the country.” This principle is key because in our profession people’s lives are at stake every single day. The consequences for failing to push yourself every day don’t just impact yourself but the entirety of the organization.
The fourth principle reads “Take full responsibility for th...



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