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Ethos, Logos, and Pathos
The business world is very competitive today more that it has ever been. There are very many business organizations that deal with similar products and thus survival is an everyday hustle. Every business organizations would like to get the maximum possible market share in order to maximize its profits. Very many organizations have been sent out of business simply because they are not competent enough. It is known as a fact that advertisement is one of the most crucial determinants of business success. It is through advertisement that businesses can let customers know about the existence of their products and also remind customers to keep on patronizing their business premises for more offers. Good advertisement that captures customer’s attention and convinces them to act as requested will contain the three artistic proofs, which is ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos is the ethical appeal, pathos is the emotional appeal while logos is the ethical appeal all contained in massages. It is the combination of these three appeals that prompts the customer to act as requested by the advert. This paper will analyze the use of ethos, pathos and logos in the one of the Apple advert appealing to its customers to buy an iPad.
In order to make sure that a particular message contains ethical appeal it is necessary to make sure that the message sounds unbiased and that it is not overstated if it is an advert. In advertising its new iPad release Apple made a video clip in which some of its high senior managers and other experts were asked questions about the new iPad. This is quite a good approach because their status in the organization and society we do not expect such people to tell lies. For this reason some people may just look at the video as one that is meant to inform the customers about the many features that comes with the iPad without overstating its abilities. Using experts who were contracted to develop it may convince the customer that the information that there are giving is accurate. Designing the video clip by itself and involving using people who were part of the team that developed the iPad enabled Apple to convince its customers that the information contained in the advert was true. The advert would have had less ethical appeal is it was designed and aired by a media house because people knows that media houses designs and airs adverts for money without regard to whether or not the information contained therein is true, overstated, understated or correct.
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