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We are gathered here today to pay our deepest respects to one of the most noble, honourable, loyal and brave military leaders who unfortunately, was simply a victim of an evil soul that used his honest and pure traits to destroy and kill his happiness and love and to uproot his peace of mind. The fine qualities that this man possessed were seen as points of weaknesses, by a devil in our corrupted time. Words are just not enough to describe my grief at the tragic loss of him; a tragedy which left no moon for the gloomy nights and seized the brightness of the noon's sunlight.
I, Michael Cassio, the former lieutenant of the great Othello, stand before all of you to grieve the loss of my general. Othello was not just my officer, he was my mentor and a friend. Throughout all of my military carrier, we developed a firm relationship, a strong bond forged by respect , honour and faithfulness. Through his guidance and instructions, he shaped me for who I am now. For many of us, It might not have been so obvious but it always was for me. For such a talented man I always admired his elite personality, exceptional technical and tactical skills and his ability to make important decisions and stay calm in times of stress and panic where one's thoughts would shatter in pieces and decisions seem to be impossible to reach. Othello, didn't train me to always win but he taught me how to stand after I fell. He didn't train me to give the best commands but he taught me how to have deep self confidence in making immediate decisions . He didn't teach me to become the fearless soldier that depreciate the enemies power but he always taught me how to respect the enemy's will no matter how weak my enemy seemed to be.
I remember a very stormy day when I really struggled to keep up with Othello's ships due to the gusting sea winds. I tried hard to maintain a close distance and keep in touch with Othello's huge ship so that I can give him a hand whenever he needed it in that bad weather. After putting every effort I can make, I lost sight of his ship. I remember that at that moment, I really felt miserable. I even felt more depressed I when I landed and people were asking about Othello and the strange fact that I landed before him. I felt ashamed of myself and thought that I wasn't up for the job that my general assigned me. When I went to apologize to Othello after he finally landed, he said, "No man can climb the ladder of success without first placing his foot on the bottom rung", he paused for a second and continued, "Cassio, great achievements are not possible without being preceded by many difficulties and many lessons". I really was privileged to be his lieutenant and his second in command as I gathered all of these precious skills and wisdom from such a capable man.
Othello was my inspiration. Every step he took motivated me to climb to higher ranks in this life, to build my way piece by piece. Perhaps what I owe most to him, is that whenever the sea's roaring ni...


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