European Union Law: Sovereignty - LW302 - Essay

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Identifies an extensive range of relevant cases and statutes, academic commentary and policy documents, demonstrating substantial research beyond the set material.
Identifies a wide range of relevant cases and statutes, academic commentary and policy documents, demonstrating some research beyond the set material.
Identifies a range of relevant cases and statutes, academic commentary and policy documents; attempts research beyond the set material.
Identifies essential cases, statutes, academic commentary and policy documents, though there may be errors or omissions; generally does not go beyond the set material
Identifies some essential cases statutes, academic commentary and policy documents, but with some major errors or omissions; does not go beyond the set material
Identifies very few materials; materials are frequently not authoritative
Evaluation of Sources
Sources are perceptively evaluated for credibility and relevance, with the wider context presented; weight is given according to clear criteria
Sources are systematically evaluated for credibility and relevance; weight is given according to clear criteria
Sources are evaluated for credibility and relevance; sources are occasionally given inappropriate weight
Sources are often evaluated for credibility and relevance; sources are often given inappropriate weight
Sources may be evaluated for credibility or relevance; sources are often given inappropriate weight
Little evaluation of sources for credibility and/or relevance.
Sophisticated systematic critical understanding of the material
Systematic critical understanding of the material
Understands essential framework(s) and engages critically with the material, though there may be some errors
Understands essential framework(s) but minimal critical engagement with the material; errors of understanding
Understands the essential framework but no critical engagement with the material; some significant errors of understanding
Understanding is generally defective
Argument and structure
A persuasive, very w...

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