Evaluate The Relationship Between Theoretical Perspectives And Early Years Curriculum Models Level 5 Essay

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Key ideas
Teaching , learning and assessment
Malaguzzi ( Reggio Emelia approach)
1. Giving the child more autonomy
2. The image of the child
3. Education based on interaction and collaboration.
4. The environment is the third teacher.
5. The role of the parent, as it is all learning together.
6. Documentation as a learning tool.
7. The importance of time.
8. The role of the teacher.
Reggio Emelia have built a curriculum based around a range of visual and expressive arts. Children’s work and collections are displayed at the children’s and adults eye level. Documenting and displaying are unique and its viewed as important tool in the learning process. Observations are continuous and provide an understanding of the children’s wider development, these documents also include comments and conversations by the children and their physical input as this is continuously analysed for understanding.
The Montessori Method
1. Movement and Cognition.
2. Choice.
3. Interest.
4. Extrinsic Rewards are Avoided.
5. Learning with and from Peers.
6. Learning in Context.
7. Teacher Ways and Child Ways.
8. Order in Environment and Mind
Children are made to work largely on their own in a peaceful environment of total concentration. The Montessori theory is to adapt education for each developmental stage through materials especially designed a child’s exploration and self-discovery, encouraging children to be active rather than passive. It also allows children to acquire the skills to answer their own questions, learn to manage freedom with responsibility and maintain a high level of intellectual curiosity.
The Early years Foundation Stage
1. Personal, social and emotional development
2. Communication and language
3. Physical development
4. Literacy
5. Mathematics
6. Understanding the world
7. Expressive arts and design
Characteristics of effective learning
1. Playing and exploring
2. Active thinking
3. Creating and thinking critically
Within the EYFS there is a mixture of adult led and child-initiated activities. Observation is the practice of looking at and listening to children to find out how they are developing, what they like doing and what they are learning through their play and the experiences on offer. It is important that parents and practitioners share what they know about these three things so that they can decide whether the child’s development is at the expected stage, whether the resources such as toys and equipment are suitable for the child and to focus them on what to provide in future to support the child to develop new interests, learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. On-going...

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