Evaluation Of Self As Entrepreneur K12 9th Grade Research Paper

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Chloe Edwards
Evaluation of self as entrepreneur
My future career as an entrepreneur for a cis or ncis agent you have to have skills for the job and there are required things you have to do and have to consider before you start your career here are some of many
· Must be older than 21 and younger than 37 years of age
· Must be a U.S citizen
· Must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university
· Must have 200 vision with or without correction
· Must have a valid driver’s license
· Must be willing to travel
· Must pass a panel interview
· Must pass a background check and obtain a top secret security clearance
Like I said you have to have personal skills like being about to put things together, being able to figure puzzles out, have a pretty strong stomach, be a good listener, be able to follow directions have to be able to work in a group (that’s one thing I need to work on) but you will work with only 4 to 5 people most of the time. You have to do training if you pass your panel interview and a physical is required also for the training you have to practice. There are two training programs that instill the skills necessary to perform as NCIS Special Agents. The first is the Criminal Investigators Training Program (CITP) at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA. This program is the ba...


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1119 words - 5 pages doing so they hand it to their parents to do. Usually, the parents don’t want to be mean so they try to help them. Parents, most of the time, don’t remember how to do what they are learning though. Cara Paiuk, an entrepreneur, photographer, and a mother, said, “I would rather my kids bring homework home when they are mature enough to (mostly) do it themselves”. Due to most parents with kids in grade school, the parents end up doing the homework