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Introduction"Strategic management is the process of decision making which have high medium term to long term impact on activities of the organization including the implementation of those decisions to create value for customers and key stakeholders and to outperform the competitors"(Hubbard, G., 2000, p-2).Strategic management has three elements such as strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategic implementation. Strategic analysis gives the idea to understand the strategic position of the organization. It is an ongoing activity of organization. Strategic analysis gives the clear picture of the changes in the environment and how these changes affecting the organization and ...view middle of the document...

Concentration focuses on growth of single product or service. Concentration occurs through market development, product development or horizontal integration (adding one more similar business). Vertical integration - this approach involves the growth through production of inputs previously provided by supplier or trough replacement of a customer role by disposing of its own output (Kumpech & Bolwijn, 1998). Diversification - this approach involves in the growth through development of new areas clearly distinct from current business (Bartol et al., 2001).As an example Failte Ireland's Cultural Diversity Strategy.The implementation of a Cultural Diversity Strategy for the industry was one of the recommendations of the Tourism Policy Review Group which has set challenging targets for tourism development by 2012. The strategy was prepared by an industry working group including members from Failte Ireland, the Irish Hotels Federation, Restaurants Association of Ireland, Vintners Federation of Ireland, Licensed Vintners Association and the Irish Hotel and Catering Institute." Workers from non-national backgrounds are vital to the future success and sustainability of the Irish tourism industry, and must be valued developed and integrated accordingly. Our industry is likely to need another 6,000 workers per annum to 2010 and a significant number of these will come from overseas", said Failte Ireland Chief Executive Shaun Quinn. There are currently around 25,000 non-national workers out of 145,000 working in the Irish tourism industry.( strategies - this strategy involves maintaining the status for growth of the organisation slowly or methodically. Organizations select stability for many reasons. When a company is doing well the managers don't want the risk and disturb of aggressive growth. This happens in case of small private owned businesses which are the larger group to adopt a stability strategy. Another reason is that it provides a chance for recovery (Bartol et al., 2001).Defensive strategy - this strategy focus on reducing organizational operations through cost reduction or asset reduction. Defensive strategy includes harvest, turnaround, divesture and liquidation (Bartol et al., 2001).Strategic analysis focuses on stabilizing the current environment, and it also support the organization's business plans and goals. Strategic analysis helps to grip, new projects, new technology, consolidation of data centers, data warehouses, exponential data growth, cost of ownership, and resource available in an organization to assess the future requirements. Strategic Analysis, reviews the business plan, potential blockage or other issues in the current architecture, processes and their implementation in new initiatives, and processes ( Strategic analysis gives the idea about the key factors that are affecting the present and future development of the organization and the opportunities offered by ...


Case Study "Acme Whistles"

334 words - 2 pages Kazakhstan Institute of Management Economics and ResearchCase Study"Acme Whistles"Almaty 2004The overlap between operations, marketing and product/service development at Acme Whistles is the quality control process. Acme Whistles is the small company and it influence to the activity of the firm as the whole. Everybody in the company is responsible for the quality of the product and service. Every employee feels himself as member of a big family

PRACTICE IN THE DOMIMCILARY HEALTH CARE ENVIRONMENT - carers Australia , college of nursing - asignment

1159 words - 5 pages Free responsive - And incorporate the philosophy and aims of Domiciliary Care Case Management Case management is a system of care provision • commonly used in the domiciliary health care environment. • That provides cost effective • client assessment, • care planning, • implementation and • evaluation of provided care, • ensuring appropriate care • An EN plays integral role in facilitating the care management process Case Management Working with a

Essay On Project Management

3574 words - 15 pages " (Robert M. Pirsig); Distinguishing between a project as a system versus a project for the purpose of creating systems by means of the ten most common system terms (principles and concepts). Question 1.5 Explaining the systems approach to management and its relation to the systems view of a project, and providing the following: The three main characteristics of systems management; An evaluation of the project manager's role in systems engineering

The Meaning Of Training And Development

3965 words - 16 pages quality products, reduced absenteeism, and increased commitment and job satisfaction (Washburn & Franklin, 1992).In terms of some authors (Jackson & Schuler, 2003, p360-392) (Ivancevich & Lee, 2002, p156-184), the HR managers should conduct T&D basically in four steps: needs analysis, designing program, implement the program, and evaluation. In tandem, some experts pointed out some relevant standpoints around the four stages.(1

Paper On The Four Functions Of Management

838 words - 4 pages PAGE PAGE 3 The Four Functions of ManagementCarl R. FosterMGT 330December 1, 2008Linda LewisUniversity of PhoenixThe Four Functions of ManagementThe four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) will be defined with inclusions and explanations of how each function relates to the organization of my employment.Unity/ TBS Courier Service is the company I currently work for. In March 0f 2008 a completely new

Discuss In Detail The Role Of Internal Auditing, Types Of Internal Auditing And How Internal Audits Add Value To An Organisation

3955 words - 16 pages Internal Audit encompasses the examination and evaluation of the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the system of internal control and management performance. The internal auditor should have access to all records, personnel, and physical properties relative to the performance of duties and responsibilities. The scope of a particular internal audit activity may be as broad or as restricted as required to meet management needs. Objectivity

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620 words - 3 pages processes · Strong verbal and written communication skills · Experience with program evaluation and performance management processes · Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize · Experience with program evaluation and performance management processes · Strong working knowledge of MS Office, with experience in Excel and database systems · Strong interpersonal skills and experience working in a team environment · A current First Aid

Applied Research

5284 words - 22 pages contrasting project management styles. Our conceptual framework details emergent and planned styles. Following 80 projects over two-year periods, we find that these styles offer disparate but interwoven approaches to monitoring, evaluation, and control activities; use of these activities fluctuates over time; a paradoxical blend of styles enhances performance; and uncertainty moderates project management-performance relationships. Tensions cannot be

Job Analysis: assistant of Human resource manager, includes skills, duties, knowledge and ablities - MSU - Assignment

607 words - 3 pages assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction. · Mathematics — Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications. · Technology Skills · Human resources software — the Human resource management software HRMS · Document management software — Atlas Business Solutions Staff Files; Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MOSS; PDF readers.

Describe the step by step process of evaluation

561 words - 3 pages Describe the step by step process of evaluationThe step by step process of evaluation includes:Safety policy and its objectivesManagement commitment and responsibility: The organisation shall define its safety policy which should be in accordance with international and national requirements reflect organisational commitments regarding safety and provision of the necessary human and financial resources for its implementation. The safety policy

Experiences with Decision Making Models

997 words - 4 pages My experience with Decision-Making Models Experiences with Decision Making Models University of Phoenix July 25, 2009 Experiences with Decision Making Models Decision making models can be used for a number of different situations. The model I have selected for this paper will focus on my experience with the managerial decision making model outlined in the online e-book, Management: The New


2382 words - 10 pages management process Below are the guidelines that can be used for the evaluation of the HR programmes are as follows · The programme proceeds without amendments · The programme is amended to enable it to reach the proposal goal · An alternative programme is accepted. Question 2. 2.1 Suggest specific HRM practices that could facilitate the company’s strategic objectives of growth and innovation 2.1.1 Strategic objectives of growth strategy

Learning Team Analysis Of Business Specialties

1930 words - 8 pages Free , perceptive, and an attentive listener to what is said and not said during discussions. You must then establish trust by following through on all commitments with exceptional, quality work, in an atmosphere of confidentiality.Our firm will provide the following services to our clients. We will provide organizational development, assessment, evaluation, and change. This will entail assessing and evaluating employees and management in their current

Risk Management

5224 words - 21 pages Table of ContentPagesExecutive Summary 04Veiling Some Concepts regarding Risk 05Why Should Firms Manage Risk? 06An Example of Merrill Lynch 07The Aims/Objectives of Risk Management 09The Current Economic Downturn 14Current RBS Failure and Risk Management 15Recommendations 17Conclusions 18References 19Executive SummaryAs per a Chinese Proverb,A smart man learns from his own mistakes,A wise man learns from the mistakes of others,And a fool never

Transform The Organizational Structure Of A Organization To Enable Them To Meet The Public Need And To Gain The Knowledge And Expertise Required To Challenge The Competition

3552 words - 15 pages , timelines for completion, etc. This approach includes ongoing tracking and feedback as a means of reaching the organization's objectives. Management by Objectives is often perceived as a form of planning. Program Evaluation: Program evaluation is used for a wide variety of applications. Program evaluation is used to increase efficiencies of program processes and thereby cut costs, to assess if program goals were reached, and to provide