Events Leading To The Ending Of World War One High School History Assignment

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How did World War one come to an end?
Were there any treaties signed at the closing of World War one?
I think that this section will tell me all about the ending of World War one. It will tell me what caused it to end, who benefited and did not, and if there were any treaties signed to end the war.
To start, most governments began declaring total war. This meant that governments began using all their resources, people(including women and children), and money, to help try to win the war. A certain part of the war was fought at sea. British ships formed a blockade in order to stop goods from reaching Germany. Many Germans did not have enough food and relied on potato crops. Germany retaliated by sinking British ships with submarines. This retaliation did not last long because U.S. president Woodrow Wilson threatened to cut all ties with Germany if they kept this up. Soon after things started looking good for Germany because of the revolution in Russia which brought V.I. Lenin to power. Lenin signed a treaty with Germany promising to pull out all troops. This was good for Germany because it allowed them to put more focus on the western front. Just as things began looking up for Germany they had to face a new opponent, the U.S. Many things led up to the U.S. joining the allies to fight against the central powers. The biggest reason though was because of Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare. Many Americans supported the allies because of cultural ties. Another huge factor in the U.S. joining the allies and becoming more and more anti-German, was an intercepted letter. The letter was written by German foreign minister Arthur Zimmermann. It was being sent to Mexico and in the letter he had stated that if Mexico would join Germany in the effort to defeat the United States then Germany would help Mexico regain territories like New Mexico, Texas, Arizona. This lead to the U.S. declaring war on Germany in April 1917. This is now known as ...


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