Everything’s An Arguement Chapter 7 & 17 Quiz English Assignment

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Dazia Davis-Foreman
Professor Daniels
ENGL 1123 P-29
September 11,2018
1. Define Academic Argument.
a. An academic argument is any claim or idea that is defended based on evidence supporting it.
2. What is the difference between an inductive and deductive reasoning? Give an example of your own.
a. Inductive reasoning is when you draw an conclusion from specific examples. For instance, my skin becomes irritated and develops a rash when it comes in contact with grass. Therefore, I am allergic to grass. Deductive reasoning begins with a general statement and applies it to an specific case to reach an conclusion. For example, the legal age to consume alcohol in the United States is 21. Kayla is 23 so she can legally drink alcohol in the U.S.
3. How do you develop an academic argument?
a. Step one involves choosing a topic you want to further explore. Picking a subject that is meaningful and intrigues you helps keep your interest throughout the process.
b. Step two is get to know the conversation surrounding your topic. It is important to research and get an better understanding of your subject. Knowing every possible aspect of your topic could better help argue your position.
c. Step three is assess what you know and what you need to know. As you conduct your research be sure to note things you learn and what you already have learned about it.
d. Step four is to come up with a claim for your argument. Claims that are controversial make for strong arguments. It’s best to have a claim that not has a common range for disagreements and agreements. Be sure to have strong supporting details and evidence to back up your claim as well.
e. Step five is to consider your rhetorical stance and purpose. Determine what perspective you want to have and how you want your audience to view you.
f. Step six is to think about your audience. You want to be mindful of who your readers are and the best way to approach them in your argument.
g. Step seven is to concentrate on the material you are gathering. Evidence is what solidifies the academic argument. Summarize, Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize each major piece of supporting details.
h. Step eight is to take care of special documentation. Citing your evidence is very important. It is best to keep record of where your information is coming from.
i. Step nine is to think about organization. Study the way the research materials are organized. Outlining is a good way to ...


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