Evolution Of Korean Music Research Paper Cmc English Composition Research Essay

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Martinez 1
Jessica Martinez
Mrs. Anderson
CMC College Composition
9 November 2017
Korean Music Takeover
Korean speakers are not the only one’s listening to Kpop. The Korean pop culture has
left the world starstruck with their incredible music performance, great amount of talent, and
international fans that are dominating the fandoms. “Gangnam Style” by PSY was the start to the
globalization of South Korean music. Kpop connects with the fans in a personal level, some fans
may think of Kpop as their home and others may think of Kpop as something fun to listen to here
and there. Kpop resembles the American mainstream music, which is why the Korean music
culture has captured the hearts of millions of American fans. The evolution of Korean music
goes as far back as the 1900s, Kpop has been around for awhile, yet barely getting recognized
until now. Since then, Korean music has grown throughout the world and continues to spread.
In 2012, the mega-hit “Gangnam style” released and made a huge impact on the Kpop
world. The song has then continued to grow more and more views each year. According to
professor Won-Yong, “In July 2016, Gangnam Style surpassed 2.6 billion views on Youtube”
(Oh, 1), it is fascinating to witness the views skyrocket, knowing people come back to the video
to enjoy the music even though most of the viewers do not understand the language.
Martinez 2
The success of Korean Music did not just happen after “Gangnam Style”, but also
because of the Korean music industry’s three factors; strategic talent management, customer
relationships built via social media, and localized product offerings. Strategic talent management
makes all of a difference when it comes down to music industries around the world, talent is
discovered by scouts or through auditions. Companies look for kids, rather than adults, usually as
young as nine or ten, accepting all talents from around the world in hopes of grooming them into
the next generation of Kpop stars. According in recent studies, “S.M. Entertainment host annual
auditions in several countries, and selects a few trainable and marketable individuals out of more
than 300,000 applicants” (Oh, 3), S.M. Entertainment is the biggest music company in Korea,
which makes it hard for applicants to be accepted into boot camp training. In boot camp training,
the trainees will be provided with dorms, which will be shared with others. The trainees will be
entered into tournament not knowing who will stay or who will leave without making their
professional debut. The trainees who make it after tournament, will practice up to twelve hours a
day and take side classes in acting, dancing, and singing. Trainees also take language classes,
such as Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean for foreigners. Learning these languages prepare
them for K Pop's international markets. Trainees go through this cycle for at least two years
before they are selected to debut as an artist.
In customer relationships built via social media,...

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