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English Assessment Task Three
To what extent does the text you have chosen invite responders to see the world differently?
You will need to:
demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the text.
discuss the way the text represents individual and/or collective human experiences.
discuss relevant insights that are being given into one or more of the following:
human qualities and emotions
the anomalies, paradoxes and inconsistencies in human behaviour and motivations.
analyse how composers represent ideas about human experiences using detailed and relevant textual evidence.
Your presentation must:
show a personal engagement with and appreciation of the text.
be engaging in style.
include speaking as a mode, as well as at least ONE other mode (e.g. written, visual etc.).
have a limit of 1500 words, this includes both spoken and written components. The division of words will depend on your choice of form. You must submit the text of your presentation (including a transcript of the spoken element) as a separate document.
Paragraph notes
Ex Machina Written and directed by Alex Garland explores the fundamental characteristics of humans, and the different experiences men and woman have when interacting with each other. All three characters evoke a certain type of emotional response to the stimulus of the other characters, there is strong textual evidence to suggest that manipulation and self interest drives the human quality of the film along. Ava proves to be a character who is able to use her emotional responses to control her own destiny, like Caleb she is forced into a world controlled by Nathan who is an ultimate power throughout the majority of the story, her existence embodies woman who fight there oppressors throughout our world. The inconstancies in her behaviour confuse both Nathan and Caleb who underestimate and overestimate her intellect and manipulation of them. The films visual interpretations of this provide a vibrant experience. In the final scenes the film stages a sequences of events that highlight the a complete existence, Ava who has being separated from reality breaks free from her oppressive male maker and makes her dream come true of seeing humanity in all. Paired with the most illuminating visual technique of the entire film this scene fully describes the motivations woman in our society and the lack if insight men. The film allows for a different interpretation of our societies model, in a small scale situation but with very similar consequences.
Opening Paragraph-
Human Qualities and how these are represented, by creation or people
Caleb sees himself as a god, Deus ex machina
Exploration of human thought and character throughout Ex Machina develops an argument that Nathan and Ava are involved in a game of self interest and human manipulation, using Caleb as there pawn. Ava first shows her true desires and deduction when the power cuts out, visually this is displayed through a combination of eye lines matches and...

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