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Name: Isaiah Moses Bora Date: 04/04/18
Exam 2 (Chapters 6, 8, & 9) Directions: Please select one answer per question. You can write the letter in or type the correct answer. When changing your answers please cross-out the incorrect answer by drawing a line through it. GOOD LUCK!!!
1. What is the most common source of news for Texans ___C_____?
a. radio
b. newspapers
c. television
d. the Internet
2. Nationally, newspaper circulation peaked at 37 percent of the population in ___D_____ , but had declined to 15 percent by 2009.
a. 1990
b. 1972
c. 1901
d. 1947
3. Journalism that is based on sensationalism and exaggeration is known as ___C_____.
a. libel.
b. red journalism.
c. yellow journalism.
d. adversarial journalism.
4. In Texas's 2002 gubernatorial election, Republicans ran a series of television ads trying to taint Democratic candidate Tony Sanchez by purporting that drug money had allegedly been laundered through his bank. These ads were examples of ____B____.
a. adversarial journalism.
b. attack ads.
c. agenda setting.
d. open record reporting.
5. When the news media provide meaning or define the central theme ofA an issue, they are ____A____.
a. framing.
b. regulating.
c. priming.
d. agenda setting.
6. One of the complaints about news coverage of campaigns is that it tends to be ____B____ journalism, which means it focuses more on who is winning than on the issues.
a. agenda setting
b. horserace
c. yellow
d. adversarial
7. A study performed by the Pew Research Internet Project found which common pattern related to civic engagement ___A_____?
a. lower education and income tend to decrease civic participation
b. lower education and income tend to increase civic participation
c. a religious and family involvement tend to decrease civic participation
d. a religious background and family involvement tend to increase civic participation
8. In Texas, what is the larger chamber of the bicameral legislature called ___B_____?
a. the House of Delegates
b. the House of Representatives
c. the Senate
d. the General Assembly
9. How many members does Texas have in its House of Representatives __B____?
a. 75
b. 150
c. 500
d. 300
10. When does legislative redistricting occur for both the House and the Senate___C_____?.
a. the first odd-numbered year in a decade
b. the last odd-numbered year in a decade
c. the first even-numbered year in a decade
d. ...


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