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Phys Ed Studies Exercise Physiology and Motor Coach and learning Research Assignment on Basketball
A complex skill is a skill that is difficult to learn and needs to be broken down and simplified when being learnt. When trying to teach complex skills there are two methods to help people in the cognitive stage learn; Shaping and Chaining. Shaping is when simplified or incomplete versions of a skill are rehearsed initially and then missing components are gradually added. This is suitable for simultaneous skills. Chaining is when the skill is broken down into components that are rehearsed separately, as if they were isolated skills. Over time, the components of the skill are then put together to perform the whole skill. Chaining is suitable for sequential skills.
Catch and shoot jump shot is an example of a complex skill that contains many parts and needs to be broken down in order to be taught. There are many large sequential parts in the catch and shoot jump shot which can be isolated and taught and therefore chaining would be the most suitable method for this skill based on our understanding from the information above. These sequential elements include catching the ball, positioning body and the ball to be able to shoot and then the actual jump and flick of the wrist. How to chain this skill will be explained in more detail in the next part of the question.
Like I said above chaining is when the skill is broken down into components that are rehearsed separately, as if they were isolated skills. Over time, the components of the skill are then put together to perform the whole skill. For our skill the catch and shoot jump shot the components that need to be broken down are essentially in the name “catch” and “shoot”. Each one of these can be even further broken down. The catch has two aspects to it running in and positioning your body to receive the catch and then also the actual catching of the ball with both hands in the air and then landing on the non shooting foot. So you would start off by continuously running in and positioning your body correctly and then do this till perfection and then after that you would repedidly catch the ball until perfection. And then once both are perfected you would combine them together to form the complete action of receiving the pass. Once you complete passing you would then focus on the shooting. The first part would be bending of the knees and brining the ball up through line of sight creating a 90 degree angle between wrist and forearms, you continually practice this till perfection. Once the first part is complete then you would focus on extension of the legs to jump and the flick of the wrist, like the others you continually practice the jumping motion until you have it down and then you combine both of these shooting links to complete the shooting aspect. After that you would join it all together as all 4 parts of the catch and shoot have been mastered successfully and o...


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