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Management Communication_Task 1: Executive Summary
Sharaya Thompson
Western Governor’s University
Executive Summary
In the United States alone, 2.8 million breast cancer survivors currently reside. Studies indicate
that breast cancer recurs in 11% of patients within five years, and 20% of patients within ten
years (as quoted by Dawson, G. via American Cancer Society, 2008). Sienna Pharmaceuticals
mission since being founded has been to save lives. Therefore, it is with great excitement that I
introduce you to an extremely promising product that has garnered much anticipation within the
market as to the potential of its efficacy. Complexia has been formulated to prevent recurrence of
breast cancer during and after chemotherapy has been completed. A woman’s risk of breast
cancer recurrence depends on many factors such as age at diagnosis, stage of cancer at diagnosis,
and the grade of breast cancer (as quoted by Dawson, G. via American Cancer Society, 2008).
Initial clinical trials have yielded extremely promising results in preventing recurrence of breast
cancer with Complexia in a diverse group of patients.
Araba, the company that developed and will manufacture Complexia does not have distribution
capability and has awarded Sienna Pharmaceuticals exclusive distribution rights. Shipping Inc.
manufactures the refrigerated casing designed specifically for this product, and Lee Harold will
be a key relationship in ensuring that a just in time approach is successful as Complexia ramps
up and sales demands increase.
What you need to know about Complexia:
1. It provides a full coverage recurrence prevention treatment.
2. Has fewer side effects than its competitors.
3. It is affordable.
As with all new treatments, we anticipate some hurdles once we officially launch:
1. Disadvantage due to long term success statistics being nonexistent
2. Potential mis construal of side effects
3. Clients emerge that use oncologists that we do not have a current relationship with.
Our plans to overcome these hurdles include:
1. Leveraging fear of recurrence.
2. Working directly with the patients’ oncologist to determine if side effects are within
normal ranges.
3. Developing relationships with unfamiliar oncologists.
Complexia is the break that we have been waiting for in order to secure the future of this
company, as well as provide concrete return on investment for all external stakeholders. I hope
you are as pleased as we are with the potential of Sienna Pharmaceuticals long term.
Dawson, G., Madsen, L. T., & Dains, J. E. (2016). Interventions to Manage Uncertainty and Fear
of Recurrence in Female Breast Cancer Survivors: A Review of the Literature. Clinical Journal
of Oncology Nursing, 20(6), E155–E161. https://doi-


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