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Executive Summary Of I Foundation Essay

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With the death of Apple's co-founder and senior innovator,Steve Jobs,many have speculated about how the largest company in Amer

Executive Summary of I-Foundation

With the death of Apple's co-founder and senior innovator,Steve Jobs, many Apple fans can't help showing their disappointment and furious towards the latest release of the iPhone 5 this year, including iPad 4 and iPad mini,complaining the lack of innovation, in which case, innovative technology has become the greatest target that Apple company need to deal with.I-Foundation, aiming at researching and developing new techniques by the cultivation of innovative ...view middle of the document...

Hence, a certain amount of dollars will be given to qualified outstanding undergraduates as scholarship each semester for the fact that their wisdom is valuable treasure for Apple Company.

The second part is Campus program, a school and enterprise cooperation project, aiming to cooperate with universities and educate talents. Students who pass a certern selective test will participate in a special course sponsored by Apple company. The lecturers covers different fields and are free of charge, yet schedualed assessment will be progressed to select the superior and eliminate the inferior. The best students will get a chance to be an internship in Apple company.

The third part is Social Campaign. Its goal is to collect great ideas from the society. The public are encouraged to propose their great ideas on Apple's products through various activities. Great ones will be patterned and applied to Apple's new research. In the meanwhile, winners will be rewarded with Apple's products or cash.

I-foundation Program should be funded by Apple Company entirely for the first 2 years. As the economic function of I-foundation gradually takes place, Apple will reduce its input into this project, leaving I-foundation supported by the revenue generated by itself.

In the short term, through reserving talents and encouraging new ideas, that is the basic solution of innovation crisis, it is foreseeable that Apple will gain benefits from I-foundation step by step in the long run.

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