Existence Of God Used Within The Class Of The Meaning Of Faith Regis Assignment

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Cassie Medeiros
October 2, 2018
Meaning of Faith
Ernest Collamati
Question 4:
There are many experiences and evidence which ground theism’s affirmation of the existence of god. One that was discussed in the text is referred to as “signals of transcendence”. We have a conscious that we are subjected to such as do not lie, cheat, kill, we know we must not take sexual advantage of another even when we know we can get away with some of these in some cases. This shows that we feel guilt to a power to which we are subject. Another piece of evidence that signifies the existence of god is the feeling we feel when we are overwhelmed with beauty like the ocean, a fire in the winter, or even the feeling of lying in a bed when we are exhausted. It triggers us to wonder where these beauties came from and what allowed us to have them
Question 5:
The chief evidence and experiences which support my own belief in God are very minimal however I do believe he is here with us. There have been many instances in my life where loved ones should have died however I believe due to the power of god they are still here with me. One of my close friends in high school had gotten in a very bad car accident. He went straight into a telephone...

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