Experiment 38 Pre - Lab Notes And Agenda - University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Pre-lab Explanation On The Process.

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EXP 38: Qua. NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Cu2+
➢ Experiment 38
· Skip parts A and B (NO FLAME TESTS)
· Only doing parts C-F
· Start warm/hot water bath in fume hoods incase needed later.
· Groups must grab one known/reference solution and one unknown (write letters down)
· ▪ One lab partner will do experiment with known/reference solution.
· ▪ Other partner will do experiment with unknown to compare with known.
· All blanks must be filled out excluding first two flame tests.
Part C – Fume Hood
Preparing Sample
➢ 5 mL in a 100mL beaker on a wire gauze with Bunsen burner under and heat until moist residue (condensation starts) DON’T LET IT EVAPORATE COMPLETELY. Add 1-2 mL of D.I. Water
Confirmatory test
➢ Moisten a red litmus paper with water, add 1-2 mL of 6M NaOH to solution and suspend litmus above the solution. Litmus paper changing from red to blue confirms presence of NH4+
Part D – Fume Hood
Reducing Copper II ion
➢ 5 mL in a 150 mm test tube, polish 1 cm Zn strip (with steel wool) and place it into the solution. Let stand for 10-20 minutes. Decant solution and save for part E.1 DO NOT THROW AWAY
In our case, remove solution and leave behind the zinc (now copper metal with excess zinc). Can use pipette.
➢ Wash solid with a minimum of 3 portions of deionized water and disc...

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