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Evolution Essay
Charles Darwin is known for publishing his book, On The Origin of Species in 1859 which instills his theory on a topic that is extremely controversial, Evolution. Even in today’s society we see Evolution being brought up to conversation and still continues to be argued over. The acceptance of Evolution has not reached everyone in regards to social, religious or political areas therefore cannot be fully accepted in government or the future teachings of it. As of right now countries across the nation still are indecisive as whether to include evolution as a teaching, because it contradicts and interferes with many students beliefs of creationism or the Holy Lord. Even in political aspects of evolution has been controversial as to leaders influenced with the process of natural selection and used that ideal to control humans and corrupt societies. All in all, Evolution is extremely controversial because of different perspectives on religion, social, and political ideals.
The main reason scientists and experts are strongly for or against evolution but don’t argue about equally accepted science like gravity is mostly because gravity is something that was tested through observation and experimentation repeatedly and evolution is rather a way of thinking although it is an official known fact. This evolution way of thinking heavily contradicts with religion and God therefore it can be strongly for or against.
In the case of religion, many say that God created man, or that man was always here on Earth. Every person is entitled to respect of their own religion, which is the main reason why Evolution is considered controversial. Based on an article, the 2013 Pew Research Center Survey states that 60% of Americans say humans evolved due to evolution, and 33% believed that evolution was guided by an supreme being, and 33% reject it fully. (Masci, David) Because of extreme differences and views of the idea of ,”who created who” there has been no clear agreement or compromise to accept Evolution in any way outside of science.
For example in society, the teachings of Evolution in school is not taught. Many governments ban the teachings of evolution and public schools are not allowed to place it in their curricular. In the article I read, it is said that the case of Edwards...

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