Explanation Essay Of Survicing A Boiler Writing 110 Uaa Essay

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Guide to servicing your boiler
Thomas Hott
Instructor: Ben Swimm
WRTG 110
21 September 2018
Explanation (Essay #2)
Do you want to save money, or do you want to prepare yourself for the long Alaskan winter. Then this is one paper that you don’t want to miss out on. By the time you finish reading this simple essay you should be able to not only service your boiler, but feel confidant that your heat in your house will last through the winter and not worry about any pipes freezing. Some of the misconceptions with boilers is that it worked last year so it will work this year. Or I had my boiler service so many years ago so its fine. The question you should ask yourself is how many times do you take your vehicle in for service to get the oil change or tire rotations. Because a boiler is no different then the car you drive it needs to be serviced at certain times. Failure to service your boiler could result in costly repairs just like the car you drive. The average cost for an after hours call for a boiler not producing heat is $300-$400. The problem when it becomes an emergency is most service technicians will put a band-aid on it until the morning or next time they come out. So not only do you pay the initial three hundred dollars but there going to ask for more when they have the right stuff to fix it. Through this paper we will discuss: how to start gathering the materials needed, what you should pull and clean, and how to prevent leaks.
First we will discuss what tool, materials, and paperwork you will need. The main tools you will need is 2 Channellock Plyers, a wire brush, ¼ inch socket, 5/8 inch socket, flat tip screwdriver, Philips head screwdriver, (getting an 11-1 screwdriver from your local hardware store will not only save you money but will take away the need for the 2 sockets and 2 screwdrivers cause it has it on it), and last a dollar bill. The materials you will need is a bucket, garden hose, and paper towels. Lastly you will need paperwork getting you owner’s manual out will be the only thing you need. While this is an explanation of how to service your boiler not all boilers are created equal. After gathering all these supplies you are ready to get started.
Next we will discuss all the parts that need to be pulled and cleaned. First you will need to locate the off switch and shut all power off to your boiler. Then you will need to find the bolts that are holding your cover on and take them off. Typically there are four bolts sometimes six but once...


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