Exploring The Dark Side Moral Ambiguity In Bates Motel

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Natasha BarraganEnglish 110Professor CarlanderOctober 9, 2014The Bates motelAdmit it, at some point or another in your life you have wished you could just kill someone. We all do. We continuously wonder what it would be like to act on these impulses. When some causes us harm or commits a heinous crime that is hard to endure, we wish we could take justice into our own hands. Nonetheless, we live in a society that punishes the individual that kills, by killing them. Still, we are fascinated and intrigued by those who are willing to take the chances. Being it the news program that keeps you up ...view middle of the document...

Norma Bates, the caring and relatable motherly figure who runs the Bates Motel violently executes several men, yet she conveys the impression of being good-natured. Depicted as the stereotypical mother that is kind, innocent, and harmless, she becomes highly relatable to the viewer. Throughout the series, it is more than apparent that Norma always seeks out for her son's best interest and her actions are, for the most part, reflective of good intentions. However, she also illustrates a very contradicting individual "she's impulsive, but she's measured. She's controlling and out of control. She's heartbreaking yet conniving." In the show's first episode ever, "first you dream, then you die", the former owner of the motel breaks in and rapes Norma; with the help of her son Norman, she manages to escape from him and stab him to death. Norma and Norman proceed to have a touching heart-to-heart conversation on a boat whilst getting rid of the body. This introductory scene is crucial as it speaks volumes about the modern mother-son duo. As the season progresses, the audience learn that Norma also killed Norman's father. However, he had oppressed, beat, and abused her; therefore her repercussions are justified by the viewer. Being that Norma's moral ambiguity is fueled by her love for Norman and the need to protect herself and her child,


Dark side of humanity - Lord of the flies essay

1340 words - 6 pages Free real, it exists in humanity. This novel give us good warnings and reminders, we should learn to control ourselves instead of controlling by emotions and desires, if we still evade the existence of dark side, war is inevitable, death is inevitable, also slaughter is inevitable, human beings will die in this moral bankruptcy in the end. The so-called civilized world will back to that kind of undeveloped wild world. This novel let us face the human nature, let us alert those evil and insidious desires at any time will induce us fall into the abyss. Moreover, escapism, avoids real self, only allow the breeding of evil and lead to death and tragedy as the novel demonstrates.

What Are The Main Moral Quandaries In Relation To Moral Relativism? Especially Given Increasing Globalisation, Is Moral Relativism A Suitable Solution To Moral Conflicts Between Cultures?

2101 words - 9 pages Let me begin with a definition of 'moral relativism'. It is the acceptance that there are no standards of what is right or wrong that apply to all people at all times in history. For example, the ability for one group to pass judgment on any situation, when the same situation would be treated differently by another group. Thus showing that different persons have different perspectives on what is morally right or wrong. Moral relativists hold

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1241 words - 5 pages A curious thing about gambling in America is that it is extremely popular, yet has a bad reputation--and I don't mean the unsavory way in which gambling licenses are awarded . I am talking about the moral realm, as witnessed in the clucking over William Bennett's expensive habit. Casinoland's high rollers are perceived as inhabiting a zone somewhere between immoral and diseased, and have great difficulty defending themselves. Yet in their own

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3521 words - 15 pages Makeup Exploration - Level 5 Title: Exploring Body Identity And How It Has Changed In Relation To The Development Of Technology And Socialization Traditional methods relating to body identity, such as tattoos (scarification), and piercings, are often related to religious aspects. Whereas current trends, such as surgical procedures, are mainly applied for aesthetic reasons due to confidence issues or however could be to improve human capabilities

Exploring Good versus Evil in "Lord of the Flies" - Lincon High School - Essay

1237 words - 5 pages Free examples and concepts from numerous people regarding the matter. The seeming cause for this apparent fascination that society has with good versus evil is its remarkable connection to our existence. It fits in also with themes of tension and balance evident across many cultures: Superhero and supervillain, hot and cold, God and Lucifer, cause and effect, light and dark, Cain and Abel, light and dark, Yin and Yang, just to name a few. There are many

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1262 words - 6 pages In his eighty year life, Immanuel Kant never ventured outside of his hometown of Königsberg, Germany. Either he was a man who was not inclined to search for things, or he was one who had a groundbreaking perception of how to find them. Kant was, in fact, searching for a great many things. Having begun his career as an astronomer (and having first put forth the theory of galaxies), Kant later delved into moral philosophy. Kant set out to

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1081 words - 5 pages In Tom Gustafson’s film Were the World Mine, Frankie, Timothy’s closest female friend, stands out as a secondary character that causes readers to assess the film with a greater focus on the characters’ rebellious natures and society’s resistance to non-normative actions. Throughout the film, Frankie is frequently portrayed as a spunky and free-spirited girl that apparently deviates from the society’s small town values. Despite her well

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2435 words - 10 pages Uber Case analysis MMM306 - Global Strategy and International Management Introduction Founded by Kalanick and Garrett in 2009, the mobile application Uber hopes to be the global provider of the ride-sharing service. Uber drivers use their own cars when providing taxi service and Uber gets certain percentage of the fare. Uber uses an advanced demand algorithm to balance of supply and demand by calculating the cost of transportation based on the

A Thematic Analysis Of Psycho

1590 words - 7 pages motivation, however, was to recover the stolen money which similarly compels the audience to take an interest in his quest. Despite the fact that Arbogast interrupts Norman's seemingly innocent existence the audience does not perceive him as an annoyance as they had the interrogative policeman who had hindered Marion's journey.When Sam and Lila venture to the Bates Motel to investigate both Marion's and Arbogast's disappearances, Hitchcock presents

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898 words - 4 pages . Whether it is the complex character of Norman Bates, the film score which is nearly as famous as the film itself, or the utilization of camera techniques to keep the audience in the dark, Hitchcock is able to use many different film techniques to create a particular atmosphere and feeling in the film Psycho.

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649 words - 3 pages Name: Brad Bates Date: English | Graded Assignment | The American Renaissance Mid-Unit Test, Part 2 © 2015 K12 Inc. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 1 Copying or distributing without K12’s written consent is prohibited. Graded Assignment The American Renaissance Mid-Unit Test, Part 2 Answer the questions using complete sentences. Total score: ____ of 55 points (Score for Question 1: ___ of 18 points) How does Poe use language to create mood in

Help On Oliver Twsit By Charles Dickens

4326 words - 18 pages Free are already evil at birth, arguing instead that a corrupt environment is the source of vice. At the same time, Oliver's incorruptibility undermines some of Dickens's assertions. Oliver is shocked and horrified when he sees the Artful Dodger and Charley Bates pick a stranger's pocket and again when he is forced to participate in a burglary. Oliver's moral scruples about the sanctity of property seem inborn in him, just as Dickens's opponents

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755 words - 4 pages . Knightley. All the romantic dilemmas are eventually solved and Emma happily marries Mr. Knightley. In Emma, Jane Austen establishes her heroine’s love interest, Mr. George Knightley, as "a sensible man" (Austen 31) who is always willing to behave in a gentlemanly fashion. He is a respected landowner in his late thirties that lives at Donwell Abbey. Austen illustrates Mr. Knightley to be Emma’s brother-in-law, trusted friend, and a moral compass

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2809 words - 12 pages conduct a private investigation on bates. This is very dangerous and would tarnish the image of Alumina if word gets out about it, and the company could be held liable for invasion of privacy.Many times, business organizations encounter the dilemma of ethical decision making. Though business relationships are more economic in nature, their moral and ethical dimension have an equal impact on the profitability. Ethics compliance presents a strong

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1772 words - 8 pages slams the door, the music stops leaving an ambiguity of what will happen to the character in the trunk. A new non-diegetic sound is introduced into the sequence, the jumpy opening of Danse Macabre which finally ends the suspense of what will happen to the character. With a long take, the car begins to drive further and further away then cuts to a spatial edit of the trees passing. The high key lighting shot of the trees contrasts with the dark