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Exploring The Dark Side Moral Ambiguity In Bates Motel

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Natasha BarraganEnglish 110Professor CarlanderOctober 9, 2014The Bates motelAdmit it, at some point or another in your life you have wished you could just kill someone. We all do. We continuously wonder what it would be like to act on these impulses. When some causes us harm or commits a heinous crime that is hard to endure, we wish we could take justice into our own hands. Nonetheless, we live in a society that punishes the individual that kills, by killing them. Still, we are fascinated and intrigued by those who are willing to take the chances. Being it the news program that keeps you up to ...view middle of the document...

Norma Bates, the caring and relatable motherly figure who runs the Bates Motel violently executes several men, yet she conveys the impression of being good-natured. Depicted as the stereotypical mother that is kind, innocent, and harmless, she becomes highly relatable to the viewer. Throughout the series, it is more than apparent that Norma always seeks out for her son's best interest and her actions are, for the most part, reflective of good intentions. However, she also illustrates a very contradicting individual "she's impulsive, but she's measured. She's controlling and out of control. She's heartbreaking yet conniving." In the show's first episode ever, "first you dream, then you die", the former owner of the motel breaks in and rapes Norma; with the help of her son Norman, she manages to escape from him and stab him to death. Norma and Norman proceed to have a touching heart-to-heart conversation on a boat whilst getting rid of the body. This introductory scene is crucial as it speaks volumes about the modern mother-son duo. As the season progresses, the audience learn that Norma also killed Norman's father. However, he had oppressed, beat, and abused her; therefore her repercussions are justified by the viewer. Being that Norma's moral ambiguity is fueled by her love for Norman and the need to protect herself and her child,

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