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My Expository Essay on Speed ReadingMy Expository Essay is on learning to "speed read" and the benefits of speed reading. Speed reading will help throughout life. Speed reading will help get through life's challenges with homework, reading assignments, work reading and reading for pleasure in a rapidly, more effective way. We often have to read a huge amount for school and work, it is required that we comprehend this information and be able to comment on it, this speed reading provides the ability to do this. Speed reading will help with read through instructions or manuals with an understanding to perform many procedures. This is especially helpful when people can not find enough time in a busy schedule to read for enjoyment, think of how many books can be read using this program. Being able to speed read can give extra time a person would not have as a slow reader. Imagine the things that can be done within a busy lifestyle for the person whom can speed read.Another benefit that we should not overlook is using speed reading to help teach English to "English as a second language" students. As stated by Melvin Ng (2006) ESL students who can speed read have a far greater chance of comprehending the English language and are more inclined to stick to learning English. This is an additional way to help us conquer the language barriers!This program was introduced by Evelyn Wood as the new way of reading to the world. She learned how to read quickly by watching fast readers. One day while she was fishing or rather feeding bait to the fish via hook she was reading and accidentally discovered that when she held her hand a certain way, she could read quickly. She developed a system that was taught in seminars called "speed reading". Evelyn and her husband started Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics. This would change forever the way people looked at reading. Since that time, over one million people have benefited from her program. As stated by Mark Tyrrell (2007) some of our presidents, such as: John Kennedy, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter learned this method of reading and were so inspired that they insisted that their top staff members take the course and learn it as well. Many of our members of congress, college professors, chief executive officers of major companies, and executives of Fortune 500 companies have also taken and benefited from this new concept in reading.According to B.S. Warrier (2008, September 15), an average person reads at the rate of 250 words per minute and may have only 50 to 70 per cent comprehension. Reading rate is usually measured as words per minute (wpm). To find the speed take a fairly easy passage without sketches, diagrams, or numerical calculations. The passage may have roughly 700 to 800 words. Select a quiet palace without distractions. Keep a stopwatch, paper, and pen ready. Start the stopwatch and read the passage once, in one go, at the usual pace. Stop the watch when reaching the end of the passage, and note down the time spent for reading. Let us say that it took 4 minutes and 12 seconds to read a passage of 777 words. Time spent by reading = 4 min, 12 sec = 4 + 12 / 60 min = 4.2 minutes is the speed = 777 / 4.2 = 185 words per minute. After having taken the Reading Dynamics course, this same person should be able to read at the rate of up to one thousand words per minute.Completing a Speed Reading course will not only give the graduate of this course the ability to read at a more rapidly rate, they will have better absorption of the material, a better understanding and get much more out of the material they have read with better retention of it. Excellent reading skills are a "must," for anyone competing in today's job market. Reading is not a skill that can be enhanced with use of a computer, calculator or any other means. A person either reads well or does not. Reading Dynamics may be the only way to get an edge up on the competition. The consequences of not being a fast reader with advanced skills of absorption and retention could mean the difference of keeping up with school courses or falling behind. This program could be the difference between getting the job that is being applied for or being passed over for a candidate with better reading and understanding skills. Acquiring the skill of speed reading can greatly improve the chances for getting a job and improve job performance to the point that tasks are handled in a timely manner and the prospects of receiving a raise become much closer than before. If a person possesses a job where much of the information is stored on a computer or filed away in cabinets, there may be a need to scan quickly a chunk of folders, files, and other papers to retrieve vital information. Overall, speed reading in the workplace will help to complete job responsibilities more rapidly. An example of how a worker may benefit is the lawyer who must read many different files to prepare for a case.Another major benefit to speed reading courses is with reading, comprehension and retention being significantly improved. This will surely make a person more successful in school, regardless of what the level in school or college. An easier time and better grades can be had for the reader with the ability to retain and comprehend everything needing to be read. Martha Brokenbrough (2008) would stand to reason that if reading as quickly as the mind can comprehend--in solid chunks of words-this reader will be less likely to forget key points or get distracted, boosting comprehension. Eric W. Robelen (May 27th, 2008) Stanford University, the study comes as a growing number of school districts and charter schools around the country are experimenting with reading programs in the hope of improving student learning and behavior. The analysis suggests that incentive programs may well be a cost-effective measure. According to B.S. Warrier (2008, September 15), there are many different methods to speed reading to help with certain aspects of reading, like:Elements of efficient readingMethods of good reading such as the 4R method, and SQ3R methodPitfalls in readingReading speedElements of comprehensionBarriers to rapid reading, andMuscle readingThere are also many different methods to speed reading like chunking, skimming and eliminating sub-vocalization, to name a few. These are just a few of the different types and styles of speed reading, there are so many different versions and styles to choose from to best fit different learning styles, so that everyone will benefit from this tool to better themselves.In conclusion it stands to reason, regardless of the age of the person, whether just learning to read or learning English as a second language, most people read something on a daily basis. There are any number of items a person might need to read, whether it is the local newspaper, job instructions, chapter instruction, school work, research for school or just an interest of yours or even just to read an email it seems that we are always reading something and to be able to do these things at a fast rate and be able to comprehend and retain what we have read can give a person so much extra time to do other things needed in our every day live. We often read items of interest and sometimes books for pleasure as well. For those of us who are always reading. A course in "Speed Reading" can help to improve our reading skills and make us more competitive in today's world. Therefore, I believe reading well is a must! I believe that everyone could use extra free time throughout daily routines, so what is there to lose why not try one of these programs out and see how much it works.ReferencesB.S. Warrier (2008, September 15). Need for speed: reading as an art guidance plus. The Hindu,***[insert pages]***. Retrieved January 11, 2009, from ProQuest Newsstand database. 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