Extended Definition Of Death And The Benifits To Society That Are Not Commonly Discussed

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A New BeginningThere are several words that are percepted in many different ways. Death is certainly one of those words. To most people, death is the single most disturbing event that can happen in human society. When a person diesmany awful emotions are invoked in their family, friends and sometimes even strangers. The fact that death can occur at any time and in thousands of ways makes it completely unpredictable. One moment a person could be gnawing on a block of cheese and all of a sudden their heart quits beating.In short, death is a tragic circumstance. This negative image is how most people percieve death. However, death it not always so bad, and as strange as it may seem death ...view middle of the document...

They believe when they die they are reborn into the same environment, around the same people, but in a different form. Their placement in their next life is also determined by worldly actions. Perhaps if all humans shared the same religious convictions death would not haveas much of an emotional impact.The second area used to illustrate the positive image of death as as a new beginning is the gains to society from death. In human society, death only seems to cross people`s minds when loved ones are considered.But the deaths of others are always improving everyday life. When a person goes to McDonald's the food they eat is made possible thanks to the death of one or more cows and chickens. Even french fries are made from deadpotatoes. The deaths of human beings, although different through human eyes, also help the society. Many doors open for someone when a person dies: a job could become available, an apartment could go up for rent, ahouse or car could become available, and many people will save tax dollars if the dead person was drawing government money. Mother Nature also benefits from human death in many ways. When a human dies, approximately fifty chickens and seventy-five cows will be spared, depending on the persons age and whether they were carnivorous. A person's death not only decreases the amount of trees needed to sustainoxygen respiration in the world, but also saves the life of many trees, especially if they used a large amount of paper. Thousands of gallons of water and a countless amount of unrenewable resources will also be retainedfor society by a human's passing.The third stage describing the positive image of death as a new beginning is martyrdom. Many great men and women have died for personal convictions and beliefs of themselves or their people. Martyrs are mostcommonly believed to be people losing their life for their religion. In the Christian Bible, there are hundreds of these God-fearing men and women who courageously died for th...


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1830 words - 8 pages such as different state and law accessibility. It is also a very hard case to showbecause the recording industry in 1999 grew or gained by three percent. Alex Walsh, the vicepresident of marketing for the RIAA said, "just because sales are up does not mean that it istime to declare that digital piracy has not hurt the music business. There is just no way to tell how much we could have lost. There is no scientific or empirical way to determine

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2189 words - 9 pages , even though they are present in every other country in the world, because it is said that typical citizen of the USA has problems with weight, loves his or her country, familiarize with the pop culture and, and finally has many newest gadgets.To begin with, the most popular characteristic of American society is unfortunately obesity. The country is known for the low food prices that is why citizens do not have any problems with buying groceries

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4842 words - 20 pages have to pay any royalties to use TCP/IP. No royalty fees mean less cost to the consumer for certain products that use TCP/IP such as the famous operating system known as Microsoft Windows. On the other hand because there are no fees Microsoft also makes more profit.VI. Internet Society and Maintenance:Although TCP/IP is not owned by any one person or private business it is still regulated and kept up to date as according to standards and policy

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895 words - 4 pages taxes would be much more complex as stated by brookings.edu · There are people that make a living on selling things more than they bought them for so abolishing this tax would make it so that they have a lower tax rate than a minimum wage worker. · The tax allows richer people to gain more money because they are being taxed less because lots of them make money off of capital gain. · By abolishing this tax thousands of people would not have to may

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1268 words - 6 pages In today's humanity there are countless prejudices that occur. They vary from racial, and gender prejudices to sexual preference and religious discrimination. I have chosen to explore the statistics of people who are homosexual and if it should be morally accepted in a Christian society. I am not really positive on how I stand on this subject because I am a religious person, and my church has stated that, "all who seek to live faithfully

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890 words - 4 pages adolescence, stop as adults · May result from influence of delinquent peers · Types of behavior very similar to LCPs Patterson: Coercion Theory · Emphasizes role of inept parenting in early onset delinquency · Especially use of severe but inconsistent punishment · Coercive cycle of behaviours from parents and child · Each tries to control other’s behavior · Coercive strategies that are reinforced are generalized to other settings Coercion Theory

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756 words - 4 pages on the night they met. Romeo did not think thoroughly about the idea and how it is going to affect both of their opposing families (Montague and Capulet). When he announced his decision to the Friar, the Friar immediately insists Romeo to take things " wisely and slow". Yet Romeo turns a deaf ear to that advice. He continues to act impetuously. After Romeo found out about Juliet’s death he did not see a reason to find out more information about

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1049 words - 5 pages mold themselves to a society and culture to make themselves feel accepted. Cultural acceptance is most notably predominant in teenagers and young adults. In a recent study of 5000 teenagers and young adults, results showed that these young teenagers not only had little to no regard to their own personal values but also that the acceptance of others plays a more important role to their behaviors and actions (CNRS, 2014 P.2). Furthermore, the need

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2001 words - 9 pages Free paradise or hell after death. If a Muslim has committed too many sins, then he shall go to hell.6 All three books are guides which suggest to people how to live their lives. The bible and the Qur'an are guides for Christians and Muslims on how to go to Heaven or paradise. The Tanakh is consist of many stories and the past of the Israelites. Unlike Western religions, the Eastern holy scriptures do not have a single holy book. Instead, there are

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1221 words - 5 pages Between the stars, there is a region, called the interstellar medium, which contains huge clouds of gases and solid particles. It is comprised of about 75% hydrogen, 25% helium, and traces of carbon, nitrogen and other elements. The clouds, called nebulae, are cool and relatively dense and are shaped by currents of hot, low-density gases. It is in these nebulae, that certain processes come together to form stars.Stars form when a shock wave

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763 words - 4 pages Jason Gutierrez, Oswaldo Guzman Mrs. Garcia Honors Biology Period 3 1 October 2018 Balloon Rocket Car Hello everyone my name is Jason Gutierrez and my partner is Oswaldo Guzman and in our experiment is Building a Balloon Rocket Car. The water bottle forms the chassis or body of the balloon car, by starting this we mounted the wheels on this body. The purpose for this experiment is that to see if the pressure of the balloon pushes the air right

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1206 words - 5 pages , logical reason for all of his actions.Hamlet, at the very least was sane. In the play Hamlet was percieved as being mad, butthere was a just cause. The symbolic meaning of Hamlet's actions are the underliningmeaning for his unconscious motivation toward his actions. This means that Hamlet, maybenot knowing it at the time, would logically justify his actions. For example in act III,Hamlet said to Ophelia:You should not have believed me;for virtue

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1241 words - 5 pages Council on Problem Gambling, one of many organizations that "certifies" counselors to treat problem gamblers, acknowledges that among those who seek counseling, 75% drop out of the programs they are steered to, and only half of the remainder end up abstaining from gambling--an overall success rate of about one-eighth, and this in a group presumed to be above average in their motivation.But the success rate is not the main issue. Recent psychiatric

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522 words - 3 pages Candidates are asked to analyse the torts that make up trespass to the person, including the tort in Wilkinson v Downton. Candidates should identify the torts that are traditionally regarded as trespasses to the person. They are: Assault, Battery, False imprisonment. Tort of assault: assault is an act of the Defendant which causes the Claimant reasonable apprehension of the infliction of a battery on him by the Defendant. The elements: the