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Facebook insists on virtual reality. Here is Oculus Quest
The new viewer was presented in San Francisco. Equipped with sensors to perceive the
surrounding environment, it does not need a PC to work. It will arrive in spring 2019 at $
399. Announced a series dedicated to Star Wars, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR
ROME - Facebook insists, even raises. Oculus, the company that Mark Zuckerberg
acquired in 2014 for 2.5 billion dollars, presents a new visor for virtual reality called
Quest. The social network is doing everything to make the so-called virtaul reality (vr) a
market of some relevance, for now without great results. It is true, however, that under
the guidance of Hugo Barra, former manager of Google first and then Xiaomi, Oculus is
making increasingly accessible devices both in price and ease of use.
Facebook is still focusing on virtual reality: Oculus Quest arrives
After Rift and Go, the first all-in-one viewer that in Italy is sold for just over 200 euros,
Quest then arrives. Mark Zuckerberg presented it in San Francisco. "A viewer must be
portable, be able to work without a PC, have two hand controllers to interact with virtual
objects," he explained. "But Quest is much more".
It will be sold in the spring 2019 to $ 399 in the 64Gb version. The particularity lies in the
tracking system of the position of the wearer and in the two controllers. In particular, the
four external sensors, together with the sensors of the controllers, will give the viewer
the necessary information to establish where we are allowing us to move not only the
gaze inside the virtual worlds but also the body. By perceiving the surrounding
environment, the viewer can transfer it to the virtual by integrating it. "It took us three
years to develop it," explains Barra.
The Vive di Htc does the same thing but at a much higher price. And it requires the use
of a powerful PC as well as the use of external sensors to be placed around the room.
Thanks to the processing of the algorithms of the signals sent by the sensors, Quest
manages to...

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