Factors That Influence Interpretation Of 'the Diary Of A Young Girl' Anne Frank Plc Year 8 Essay

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The Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank Essay
What Factors influence your interpretation of the text?
‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ was written from 1942-1944 by Anne Frank. The text is engaging due to Anne’s relatable identity and interesting writing style in which she shares her innermost feeling and thoughts. Many factors contribute to each individuals’ interpretation of Anne Frank based upon their identity and relatable perceptions. Age and Gender are both contributing factors that effect how the reader uniquely deciphers the text. Relationships are also another contributing cause for an individuals’ interpretation of the text as they affect how the reader understands the emotional concepts throughout the book. Restriction is also an additional concept that can be shared between the audience and the protagonist which enables connection. These four factors along with the writing style of the text influence an individuals’ interpretation of ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’.
Age and Gender are both significant factors which influence each individual’s interpretation of Anne’s diary. Anne Frank writes her diary from her personal perspective as a Jewish teenage girl. Teenagers are more likely to be able to connect with Anne, having been able to share characteristics of youth. An example of Anne’s maturity is provided in ‘We’re treated like children when it comes to external matters… we’re much older than other girls our age. Even though I’m only fourteen I know what I want…’ This example describes Anne’s frustration as a teenage girl and how, even though she is a mature young adult, she is still treated as child by her family which many young women may be able to relate to. Anne’s perspective of being a female is evident through ‘…girls my age feel very insecure about themselves and are just beginning to discover that they’re individuals with their own ideas, thoughts and habits.’ This reflects Anne’s personal perspective on young girls in society. Many readers of Anne Frank would be able to connect with Anne’s feelings as a girl, sharing the same age and gender. In summary, Age and Gender as well as the way Anne writes in her perspective, largely influences the reader’s interpretation of her diary.
Relationships and the use of detail throughout the text are also influencing components which affect an individual’s interpretation of ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’. When Anne writes in her diary she pays close attention to detail and frequently writes about her relationships with other members of her family. Many readers’ of ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ will have a more connecting interpretation of the text based on their relationships. Anne shares a bumpy relationship with her mother as read by her emotional words ‘I miss – every day and every hour of the day – having a mot...


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