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English II PreAP/GT 2

1) Allusion/Type: ​Jonathans Swift, ​Gulliver's Travels/​ Literary
● Quote: ​"It is computed that eleven thousand persons have at several times suffered death
rather than submit to break their eggs at the smaller end" (Bradbury 65).
● Explanation: ​Gulliver's Travels ​is a book including four adventures written from the point
of view of Lemuel Gulliver. Gulliver survives a shipwreck on his first journey and ends
up in Lilliput. The Lilliputians are less than six tall and have strange customs and
irrelevant debates. In political terms, men with different types of shoes are divided, and
positions are determined by whos best at rope dancing. As Lilliput is at war with
Blefuscu over which end of an egg should be broken, Gulliver is ordered to help defend
them, which he denies. His denial of helping the Lilliput's war leads to conflict.
("Gulliver's Travels").
2) Allusion/Type:​ Matthew Arnold, ​Dover Beach/ ​Literary
Quote: ​ "What's the title, dear?" "​Dover Beach" (​Bradbury 96).
Explanation: ​ The poem, ​Dover Beach ​, by Matthew Arnold, states the ideas of religious
faith, sadness, isolation & darkness, and light. Arnold compares faith to the sea,
explaining that it sadly comes and goes just like the ocean ties. His poem also
addresses that religious symbols, such as oracles, cannot help humans understand
the natural world's darkness. Arnold digs even deeper into the theme of dark and light when
explaining what is good and what can destroy, leading to self-isolation. The poem
consists of metaphors tying back to the struggle of longing to commit to the world. ("The
Poetry of Matthew Arnold").
3) Allusion/Type: ​William Blake/Literary
A. Quote ​"Burning Bright" (Bradbury 107).
B. Explanation:​ Poet, William Blake, was born in London, England. He grew up very poor
and died without recognition, yet today he is considered a literary genius. He learned to
read, write and draw. His work is known to include religious aspects instead of everyday
people. ("William Blake")
4) Allusion/Type: ​Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley/ History
A. Quote: ​"A man named Latimer said that to a man named Nicholas Ridley, as they were
being burnt alive at Oxford, for Hersey, on October 16, 1555" (Bradbury 37).
B. Explanation: ​Hugh Latimer was an English protestant for the Reformation of England.
He became bishop of Worcester but soon was asked to resign due to his views and was
imprisoned. ("Hugh Latimer"). Nicholas Ridley was a ​Protestant and is considered "one.

Of the finest academic minds in the early English Reformation". He, like Latimer, was
accused of heresy by the catholic church. ("Nicholas Ridley").
5) Allusion/Type: ​Benjamin Franklin/ History
A. Quote: ​"Established, 1790, to burn English-influenced books in the colonies. First
Fireman: Benjamin Franklin." (Bradbury 32).
B. Explanation: ​Benjamin Franklin had countless talents and accomplishments. He was
considered ​a diplomat, a scientist,...

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