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Jingjie Chen
11 AM – 11:50 AM
Fall Dance Theater
Dance is unique to each person. Many people today in society have their own style they either like to watch or actually do. The connection every person has with dance is the ability to enjoy the art of dance. Some cultures use dance for rituals while other cultures, such as the U.S., can trace its society’s history through dance. I believe that the Fall Dance Theatre is a great modern dance performance.
Nationally acclaimed the Fall Dance Theatre is coordinated by Cal State Fullerton Dance Professor Gladys Kares and runs last week, November 12 to November 22, 2015 in the Little Theatre on campus. The Fall Dance Theatre includes original choreography by students, faculty, and guest artists.
The Fall Dance Theatre had two acts, and every act had four dance performances. In the first act, the deepest impression in my mind is "In Need of Coffee". It is choreographed by the student, Chelsea Neiss. There was having six students who wear purple-and-blue tracksuits to complete this dance. The dance shows that inspired by the vibrancy a cup of coffee brings in the mornings. At the beginning of dance, there were five dancers facing the audience and dancing just like in practice. And there was a dancer, Kevin Lopez, was sitting on the right side of the stage. He looked haggard spirit, and like didn't wake up. His hands with a cup of coffee drank a few mouth coffees from time to time. But coffee did not work, because he couldn't keep up with the beat when he dancing. There were some parts need to dance with partners, but Kevin had been slacking off. His partners were very helpless for his behavior and dance. I think that there had a very interesting period in the dance that was every dancer went to drink coffee. The dancers stood on the railings, when some dancers drank a sip of coffee they had strength to dance. If they did not drink coffee, they will no strength to do anything. Beca...


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