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Veronica Zavala Alegria
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May 24, 2019
Racial Profiling
Racial profiling shares a connection with racism, the fear of someone who is different culturally, and ethically from the person who is making the judgements. For many years there has been an on-going debate on whether racial profiling is an issue in America. Racial profiling happens to affect more of the Blacks and Hispanics or people of color. The reason the Blacks and Hispanics are who are to affected is because there has been an assumption made they are who are most likely to commit a crime than those of other races or ethnics. It is illegal yet continues to occur, especially in America it has been an issue in the long run, but one factor that worsen the problem was the bombing in 9/11. Judging someone by the color of their skin is considered racial profiling. Racial profiling is an issue in America and we are surrounded by many situations and we may not be aware of it or do not consider it racial profiling. In this essay I will be arguing how racial profiling is an issue in America.
Before I offer my evidence and reasons here is some historical regarding racial profiling and its factors that have led to it becoming an issue. Racial Profiling is a serious problem, though it is illegal. Back in the history of the U.S racial profiling has become an issue all over the world many factors have contributed for this to happen. When we think of racial profiling the word that comes to mind of racism in which it is common for people happen to do. Racial profiling could be like a state of imagery that comes to mind when we think of crimes being committed, the first people that come to mind of whom could have committed the crime is people of color. It may sound unfair to many, but this is the society we live in. People of color do live in the what we call “the ghetto” where most of the crimes are to happen in conclusion Latinos, African Americans and others of color are who face most of racial profiling. According to Keith Rushing “At its core, racial profiling is about racism and stereotypes and assuming the worst of people based on a biased perception of reality that is then projected and multiplied, affecting and endangering everyone of that same race, ethnicity, nationality or religion. I have personally been a witness of police men detaining someone just for the fact that the person was Hispanic and was looking suspicious for riding to slow on the road. There have been studies found of how there are people who cannot even trust or rely on the police because they don’t know if they can feel protected. According to Ranjana Nataraja “The NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk program shows similar evidence of racial profiling, with police targeting blacks and Latinos about 85 percent of the time. As Andy McCarthy points out “you can’t be an Islamist terrorist without being a Muslim, you can’t be the head of the Gambino Family without being Itali...


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