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Domestic Family Violence by definition consists of physical, emotional and psychological violence. Family Violence is prevalent among all domestic groups. This form of violence crosses ethnic, racial, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religious and socioeconomic lines. Those families at highest risk are those currently experiencing some complicating form of stress. This would include poverty, unemployment, low educational levels and certain ethnic groups. Job disparities including income disparities between spouses, over crowding and poor social structure also increase and contribute to family violence. By the most conservative estimate, each year 1 million women suffer nonfa ...view middle of the document...

Physiological/Physical ModeWhat are the capabilities to meet the basic survival needs of the family members? Are they able to seek and obtain medical treatment, food, housing or shelter and family counseling (Eby, 2004; Ross & Cobb, 1990)? The women may chose not to leave her spouse, so a referral card and supportive words from the health care provider may be the only capable response for the present time. A long-term future goal may be to leave the abusive spouse (Eby, 2004).Self-Concept ModeCan the family obtain short and long term goals, can each person make individual decisions? The values and beliefs of the family are they able to worship as a group and pray to a church of their choice (Ross, et. al., 1990)? To what degree of companionship and self-respect shown to each individual family member including children (Ross et. al., 1990)? The family is Baptist and they all agree on the church they have worshiped at for nearly ten years. The children also worship with the family and participant in bible study and Saturday evening workshops at church.Role Function ModeDescribe the role assumed by the family. The husband is the patriarch and decision maker for the family unit. In what ways or to what extents are family roles supportive/conflictive or show overload the family unit?The wife is most supportive and the husband makes the decisions with no recommendation to the wife's' input. The wife is exhausted feels unappreciated or needed in the family unit except for caring for and disciplining the children. The overload comes with only one-sided decisions being made without family discussion or distribution fairly among various members.Interdependence ModeTo what extent are the family members able to have goals/achievements or be independent? The family needs to work more on individuality and independence; more of a mutual not patriarchal family hierarchy status. To what extent are the members supportive of each other (Ross et. al., 1990; Eby 2004)? The mother and children talk and decide topics among themselves before the father makes a decision for the family.Is the family open to assistance and information from outside sources/providers? The family is seeking counseling and financial assistance. The counseling to help the spouses be more cohesive and less controlling; with each spouse discussing major family decisions together as a whole unit.The family interacts in the community by participating family counseling and trying to work on heir individual communication problems. Single decision-making needs a group effort; even the children on smaller issues such as chores and dinner preparation. The regulator or adaptive mechanism is the physical health of the family nutritional, physical and strength resources. The cognator is the education level family knowledge/power base, openness, input and ability to process problems and make decisions as a unit (Ross et. al, 1990; Eby, 2004).Healthy People 2010/Domestic Violence Health ProblemsResea...


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2155 words - 9 pages than often abused domestic violence centers around women. Baird refers to children exposed to domestic violence as “Silent Victims” because 40-70% of children who are exposed to domestic violence are likely to be abused themselves. (Baird) Exploring Approaches to Child Welfare in Contexts of Domestic Violence and Abuse: Family Group Conferences This article describes interventions that are available for children who have been affected by domestic

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2516 words - 11 pages violence family violence and gender-based violence Class- Domestic violence is not class specific, with occurring victimization in all area of the society although it can occur anywhere. It is not distributed randomly throughout the society; however, the domestic assault is mostly in lower class families and communities. Studies have showed that higher incidence are amongst the middle class and upper-class families, however, few evidences has suggested

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1949 words - 8 pages Domestic violence is a large social issue in the United States today. Domestic violence includes sibling abuse, elder abuse, spouse abuse, and child abuse. Domestic violence has many names; family violence, wife or child beating, and domestic abuse. Spouse abuse talks about abuse from a marital or a dating partner in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence is merely not just physical, but is any behavior that is intended to control another

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3019 words - 13 pages family and peaceful co-existence may also lead to a reduction in the number of domestic cases. Partners subjected to domestic violence should also be encouraged to report cases of abuse to authorities since most cases of abuse go unreported due to fear, threats, and/or ignorance of existing protective rights and agencies that protect partners from domestic violence (Shipway, 2004). The importance of instilling respect for authority and creating a

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1142 words - 5 pages Quincy Stroman 1/8/18 English 4 Essay Outline A. Introduction B. Telling about how kids growing up C. Seeing violence all your life D. How to help kids and to motivate E. Conclusion. Life of and young african american and gun violence You can find gun violence anywhere around america. I believe once your 18 you should be legal to carry a weapon. Some young kids are shown guns before they are 18. If you are old enough to go to county jail at 18

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756 words - 4 pages Violence Around the World. International Perspectives, 54(1), 21-29. Van Hasselt, V. B. & Malcolm, A. S. (2005). Special Issue on the Role of Law Enforcement in Domestic Violence. Journal of Family Violence, 20(1),1-2. Sherman, L.W., Schmidt, J.D., and Rogan, D.P. (1992). Policing Domestic Violence: Experiments and Dilemmas. New York, New York, The Free Press, 1992. Samuelson, S. L. & Campbell, C. D. (2005). Screening for Domestic Violence

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2849 words - 12 pages touched upon a few theories, one of which is the desensitization theory. The desensitization theory states that the body has a natural negative response when exposed to violence and the more exposure one has, the more desensitized their body becomes. Huesmann relates this theory by stating that throughout a child’s development, they acquire social scripts through observation of family, peers, and mass media. Through these observations, the child’s

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755 words - 4 pages including teens and adults all because some teenager with supposed problems and parental issues shot up the school. There are various causes and preventions to teen violence. Some causes are: severe trauma, not being properly supervised by parents, abuse from parents or even family or the significant other. One major cause of teen violence is is lack of parental guidance and supervision. This is major because when kid is growing up they need to

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2187 words - 9 pages In Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine, violence is a motif that is dealt with at various levels. Firstly, there is patriarchal violence directed towards women, in which Jasmine is a major receiver. Also, there is the violence that results from political disputes in South Asia, such at the Partition Riots and the rebel movements which affects Jasmine's family. Jasmine herself is also an agent of violence as she kills the mad dog, and more significantly

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4123 words - 17 pages aggression.  He did, though, discover that once family violence was controlled, there was no link between violent criminal acts and violent video games (Ferguson).         Increase in aggression and delinquent behavior is usually linked from the child’s environment at home or even at school.  According to the article “Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Early Delinquency,” by Siliai Yi, Juliann H. Vikse, and Chien-Chung Huang, early

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2342 words - 10 pages The U Visa: A Path for Undocumented Victims of Domestic Violence to Obtain United States Citizenship Mitzi A Granados Utah Valley University English Saturday Morning Class 1010 Marjorie Jo Ralph Running head: U NONIMMIGRANT STATUS LEADING TO U.S. CITIZENSHIP 1 U NONIMMIGRANT STATUS LEADING TO U.S. CITIZENSHIP 2 The U Visa: A Path for Undocumented Victims of Domestic Violence to Obtain United States Citizenship Have you ever wondered how

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650 words - 3 pages Parents will argue that other people are the reason their children are violent and usually take absolutely none of the blame, when in reality they should be taking a lot of the blame for violence among children. I believe media as a whole, including television, radio, movies, video games, news, et cetera, can be very detrimental to society and leads to a lot of violence among children with which we are dealing. I was always taught that what goes

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615 words - 3 pages Running Head: DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION Description of Organization Organzization Description Aaliyah Davis, Aaliyah Prince, Je’Cye Sloan, Diamond Mabson, Brishonda Holcombe Alabama A&M University Professor Fischle Discuss the history of your organization. The Dwelling Place is a growing family of 4 specialized programs delivering professional counseling, skills-building, training and prevention services to over 40 children and battered women

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1161 words - 5 pages come forward. It is also the main cause of injuries for women between the ages of 15 and 40 years old. (Jane, O. Time Magazine, pg. 1) If someone is a victim of domestic violence they should get help from family members or friends, it's a crime that affects public health of not only the individual but others as well. Although men are also victims, women are mainly the ones affected. Each year, in the U.S. statistics show that between three or four