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Family Violence Essay

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Domestic Family Violence by definition consists of physical, emotional and psychological violence. Family Violence is prevalent among all domestic groups. This form of violence crosses ethnic, racial, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religious and socioeconomic lines. Those families at highest risk are those currently experiencing some complicating form of stress. This would include poverty, unemployment, low educational levels and certain ethnic groups. Job disparities including income disparities between spouses, over crowding and poor social structure also increase and contribute to family violence. By the most conservative estimate, each year 1 million women suffer nonfatal ...view middle of the document...

Physiological/Physical ModeWhat are the capabilities to meet the basic survival needs of the family members? Are they able to seek and obtain medical treatment, food, housing or shelter and family counseling (Eby, 2004; Ross & Cobb, 1990)? The women may chose not to leave her spouse, so a referral card and supportive words from the health care provider may be the only capable response for the present time. A long-term future goal may be to leave the abusive spouse (Eby, 2004).Self-Concept ModeCan the family obtain short and long term goals, can each person make individual decisions? The values and beliefs of the family are they able to worship as a group and pray to a church of their choice (Ross, et. al., 1990)? To what degree of companionship and self-respect shown to each individual family member including children (Ross et. al., 1990)? The family is Baptist and they all agree on the church they have worshiped at for nearly ten years. The children also worship with the family and participant in bible study and Saturday evening workshops at church.Role Function ModeDescribe the role assumed by the family. The husband is the patriarch and decision maker for the family unit. In what ways or to what extents are family roles supportive/conflictive or show overload the family unit?The wife is most supportive and the husband makes the decisions with no recommendation to the wife's' input. The wife is exhausted feels unappreciated or needed in the family unit except for caring for and disciplining the children. The overload comes with only one-sided decisions being made without family discussion or distribution fairly among various members.Interdependence ModeTo what extent are the family members able to have goals/achievements or be independent? The family needs to work more on individuality and independence; more of a mutual not patriarchal family hierarchy status. To what extent are the members supportive of each other (Ross et. al., 1990; Eby 2004)? The mother and children talk and decide topics among themselves before the father makes a decision for the family.Is the family open to assistance and information from outside sources/providers? The family is seeking counseling and financial assistance. The counseling to help the spouses be more cohesive and less controlling; with each spouse discussing major family decisions together as a whole unit.The family interacts in the community by participating family counseling and trying to work on heir individual communication problems. Single decision-making needs a group effort; even the children on smaller issues such as chores and dinner preparation. The regulator or adaptive mechanism is the physical health of the family nutritional, physical and strength resources. The cognator is the education level family knowledge/power base, openness, input and ability to process problems and make decisions as a unit (Ross et. al, 1990; Eby, 2004).Healthy People 2010/Domestic Violence Health ProblemsResearch...

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