Fast Food Franchise Customer Satisfaction People Leadership Organization Essay

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Name: Khue Ngoc Kim, Huynh
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Topic: Problem – solving application case
A. Introduction
Mc Donald’s is the top company in the fast food industry. It has widely expanded over 120 countries, thanks to an economic globalization. However, there are many business competitors and the numerous issues during operation which threaten this company’s position in the global market. In fact, the sales revenue of McDonald’s has grown slowly recently. The reasons come from many sources such as internal and external factors. Because of serving with daily millions of guests, this company will inevitably receive bad news from customer service. We all know customer satisfaction is one of the most fundamental aspects of the organization goals. In other words, survival of company relies on customer contribution. The way to achieve the goals is that organizations have to focus on service systems which include work and human. This paper will find out the issues of customer service that McDonald’s faces, examine some causes of customer dissatisfaction and give some practical recommendations to improve the level of customers’ satisfaction by applying three step solving problems approach.
B. Apply the 3 – stop problem solving approach to organization behaviour
1. Define the problems
The problems occur when the goals are not being met. To define the problems, we take the differences between an actual situation and desired outcomes into consideration carefully. Defining the problems is an extremely vital first step as nothing causes more harm than solving the wrong problem. The more clearly issues are defined, the more accurately solving ways are set out. Potential outcomes are categorized into three distinct levels that are individual, group and organization. In this case, the desired outcomes considered as the vital components are task performance, work attitudes, turnover rates, company reputation, and customer satisfaction. Among them, the level of customer satisfaction has been playing the significant role to meet the organizational goals. The concept of the customer service is that service quality is more crucial than the products on offer (Abby, 1994). In other words, based on the service quality, the degree of satisfaction is the responses of customers to services they received. The customer’s dissatisfaction often comes from the problem of individuals and groups performance. The first issue that customer service of McDonald’s is not as excellent as it was in the past lies in employees’ performance. The complaints, revealed by Wall Street Journal, are about bad attitude and unfriendliness (Durante, 2013). This creates a bad image of McDonald’s on the global market and influenced other customers ‘views about this company. In addition, a high level of stress creates the anxious atmosphere at workplaces. This often comes along with employee wages issue and lack of perks. Those may be the reasons for an extremely high turnover rate which could aff...


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