Father Finds A Letter To His Daughter Honors Creative Writing Short Story

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Honors Creative Writing
The Note
I came across an old note of Sarah’s the evening she was at her friend’s, Adrienne, studying. Kids say they go to friend’s houses to study, yet you never fully know what they’re doing. Only takes one person to study, in my opinion. When you group two or more teenagers together, trouble is bound to happen. Sometimes, Sarah will be entertaining her friends at our house, and they’ll be up in her room, “studying,” but all I hear is all kinds of rip-roaring noise, music, laughing, and horrid screeching. Though, Sarah is a good kid, smart, fun and a true athlete, so what’s a dad to complain about? Anyhow, this note, here, was in the kitchen cupboard, as if placed there purposely. Sarah could have been distracted, on her phone, and left the note up there where she meant to place a glass or a cup - maybe the cupboard was the best hiding place she could think of.
The note was from that friend, Ron, she had a couple of years back. Seemed like a good kid. They fell out, it seemed – she abruptly stopped talking about him, and when I inquired about the lack of communication, she said, somewhat sullenly, that they had “lost touch,” or didn’t “have anything in common.” I felt for Sarah, like I said, he seemed like a decent boy, besides, most parents want their children to surround themselves with positive influences. The note appears slightly yellowed, and I can tell it’s somewhat aged, its folds are deep - they practically crack the delicate paper. Ron had written to her in dramatically tilted handwriting, preaching that he’s sorry, he didn’t mean to hurt her, but that he also wouldn’t take it back, as he doesn’t regret it.
What could it mean, what do I suppose this Ron kid did to hurt my daughter? Whatever it was, he was wrong and Sarah’s hurt was entirely his fault. As a father, I am protective of her, biased...


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