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Enjoying the smell of freshly washed clothing, I look around in the spare room for some interesting clothes to wear to a mate’s 14th Birthday party tonight. Where my crush, Belinda Wood will be going. Exploring the room full of clothes and coming across a nice looking red and blue striped rugby jumper, that will go well with the pants that I picked out. Picking up the jumper to inspect how I look in the mirror, whilst noticing a large dark trunk I have never seen before. Excited on what could be inside. Walking up to this new but old looking trunk, it looked like something from a nightmare was hidden inside, being made of a darkened wood with two brass locks trapping the darkness that was kept inside. Placing my hands on weathered brass locks, excitingly I lift but found it was locked, this was extremely suspicious as nothing was locked in this house as it was just me and dad. Thinking there must be a key around I check in all the draws and cupboards for one and then I remember there’s a very secretive draw inside the timber cupboard. Opening the drawer and pulling out the contents, I withdrew a patterned cloth, holding it up it had two pieces to it and found out what it is. ‘Is this Women’s lingerie?’ realising what it was, my mind quickly comes to the conclusion that my dad is actually over my mom and moved on to...

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