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The last book I read that thoroughly inspired me was Neale Walsh's Conversations with God. It took me nearly three nights to complete it, but was well worth the lost sleep. It's the first time in my life I felt that a writer was speaking to me directly: not just to my mind, but to some unnamed, unspoken voice deep within my soul. What a wonderful feeling! Walsh's book captured my interest because ...view middle of the document...

As a lapsed Catholic, I've been searching for spiritual direction, but hadn't found any meaningful answers from formal religion. Walsh answers many of the "big" questions I've had about God, his expectations of us and our future after we leave the earth. He offers such a unique message of hope that I truly felt Gods' love for me for the first time! The book is written in a simple, conversational style that makes its message accessible and easy to understand. It speaks to all people, regardless of their particular faith, and offers a message of hope and unity. I wish that more people would read it and embrace its message of a loving, all-inclusive God. So many needless wars are fought because of religious differences, yet this book clearly makes me realize that God loves us all.I rarely read a book more than once, but Conversations with God is a powerful exception. I've re-read many passages from Walsh's book several times and feel that I gain a new perspective with each additional reading. It's certain to be an important reference in my personal library for many years to come.


In this essay written about animal farm you will understand how George Orwell reveals his characters - English - Essay on animal farm

1029 words - 5 pages giving one crap. This shows us that he was smart enough to tell all the animals what Napoleon was up to but chose not to and just sit back living a hard, challenging, carefree life. Although this character is a little tougher to understand Orwell by the end makes it writing on the wall for us to see that he is a lazy group of people that could have done something. Throughout the book many characters are revealed as important figures or groups

Assignment On "Book Letter" For Cold Sassy Tree

462 words - 2 pages Free 11/25/01 Dear Bobby, The novel Cold Sassy Tree was written by Olive Ann Burns. Cold Sassy Tree is a story set in Cold Sassy, Georgia about the conflict between Mr. Blakeslee and his wife with his family and the town of Cold Sassy. They are all upset because Mr. Blakeslee marries Miss Love Simpson, who is the nearly the same age as his daughters just three weeks after the death of Miss Matie Lou, his old wife. My favorite character

Robert Essay

430 words - 2 pages because he works at the local Jubilee, one of the best workers the store has ever seen.Like everyone else, Bob has his likes and dislikes. His favorite food is fresh calzones, hot out of the oven. His favorite animal is mans best friend, the dog. He enjoys the works of the one and only J.R.R. Tolkien, making his favorite book The Hobbit and his favorite movie The Lord of the Rings. He enjoys watching football. He likes rock music. Bob's favorite

Analysis of Citizen by Claudia Rankine - The City College of New York Poetry and Intro to Literary study - Essay / Analysis

1537 words - 7 pages negative things associated with black men. Furthermore, Rankine discusses how there are different versions of ourselves. She touches upon how one part of ourselves is encumbered by several other identities which have been placed upon us based. That could be based on physical and historical contexts, or in other words from skin color or history of slavery. Not only is the history of your people important to make who you are, but is also how

essay on milkweed during world war 2 - adelaide high - essay

1030 words - 5 pages Milkweed 1. Discuss at least two themes presented in the novel Milkweed is a 2003 young adult novel by American author Jerry Spinelli. The historical book is set in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland. The novel takes place during World War 2 and the Holocaust. At the time, German soldiers, known as Jackboots, invaded Warsaw and being who you were, meant the difference between life and death. Misha is the main character and before he met Uri, who was

Must See Movie -"The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe"

945 words - 4 pages Tree, and The High king, you will like The Chronicles of Narnia too. Are you ready to see the movie? It should be available at any store or movie rental place. Then, you can decide whether the book is better than the movie, which line you like the most, which creature looks the coolest, as well as figure out the meanings of Lewis' book. I will not tell you any more because I know you want to see this must see movie and will enjoy figuring the story out for your self because The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is enchantingly delightful.

Baba Yaga

1026 words - 5 pages tales originated from tales that were circulating around Europe and through the world in those times. Nevertheless, the Russian tales have their distinct aurora and give away a different feeling. A good example of this uniqueness would be Baba Yaga. No matter what type of tale it is, she will join in the story as the decisive figure and turn the plot for or against the main character. One thing that makes her belong to the Russian culture is the

Persepolis Novel essay, goes through literary devices of a graphical novel with also giving examples - year 12 English - Essay

949 words - 4 pages Free such as religion, historical context and validation, and social classes. Juxtapositions are literary techniques that enable the author to put either two or more ideas, places, characters or even character's actions side by side to develop a comparison or contrast. Satrapi does this throughout the novel Persepolis as eastern and western ideas are juxtaposed. Satrapi captures the theme of religion throughout the novel through the use of


587 words - 3 pages them as they grow up and mature, but some still are fascinated by the genre. My favorite super hero movie if I had to choose one would probably be something Hancock, something that isn’t a direct spin from a popular comic book or tv series. Those to me, just seem overdone at this point. Hancock has something (such as flying/jumping at will) that isn’t humanly possible but at the same time it doesn’t seem so predictable like a Captain America or

The Antecedents, Facilitators and Consequences of Parasocial Relationships - University of Toronto/PSY424 - Research Paper

3941 words - 16 pages relationship is the extent to which users are able to make person, or character, judgements about the figure. Therefore, it is necessary for the figure to present a credible persona, which is one of the essential ingredients for the appreciation of soap opera. A number of studies have found “perceived realism” to be a significant predictor of PSI (Alperstein, 1991; A. M. Rubin et al., 1985; A. M. Rubin & Perse, 1987). Nevertheless, intense parasocial

Advanced Medieval Essay Proposal - Advanced Medieval Literature - Essay

594 words - 3 pages Free Introduction This book really sparked my interest, and made me question how did Christianity elevate itself to its current superior status, while paganism is viewed as derogatory and associated with the works of the Devil. I am not done with the reading of this book, but I plan to dive deeper into this text, and other historical texts that would aid me in fleshing out this essay. Work Cited Davies, Owen. Paganism: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press, 2011.

Secret Life of bees review essay - Contemporary literature - Review

624 words - 3 pages a motherly figure, first it is Rosaleen then it becomes August. In the end she has many women who care about her and defend her. Although the book had many strengths, there is always areas that can be improved, or are just not for some people. While I found the book enjoyable, I found that some of it was just not for me. For example, I found this book to be heavily weighted toward a female audience. With the main characters being predominantly

Jeff Kinney -- Informational Report - Cascade Ridge 5th Grade - Research on his Life and Books

1770 words - 8 pages did not even initially plan to be cartoonist or writer. Jeff Kinney was born in 1971 and grew up in Fort Washington, Maryland. When he was a kid some of his favorite authors were Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary and JRR Tolkien and he enjoyed reading. First Interesting Fact: An interesting fact about Jeff Kinney is he has based many of the events in his book on his own childhood moments that could common to kids in any time. Kinney stated in an

Because of Winn Dixie

394 words - 2 pages Because of Winn Dixie Film Review:Yes, I enjoy watching the film very much. It is because It is funny without being too silly, and it has some very good moral for us to learn.Yes, my favorite character is Winn Dixie the dog because it is cute and it stays with Opal when she is lonely, it makes Opal not alone and is happy. I think it is a good and nice dog. Although I fear dogs but Winn Dixie is thoughtful and doesn't make me think scared.No one

A Communist Manifesto

378 words - 2 pages The Manifesto attempts to explain the goals of Communism, as well as the theory underlying its movement. It argues that class struggles, or the exploitation of one class by another, are the motivating force behind all historical developments.The Manifesto talks about how Modern Industrial society is characterized by class conflict between the bourgeoisie and proletariat. The bourgeoisie are the Capitalists, the employers of wage laborers, and