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FEAR OF SNAKES On a particular day, a friend of mine called me on my phone and he told me he wanted to see me. As soon as I got his message, I went to see him immediately. When I got to his house, I saw him playing with the snakes he bought recently from the vet. He told me he bought one of the snakes for me, but I refused to keep the snake.As I was trying to ...view middle of the document...

To begin with, the appearances of snakes are the first source of my fear. It all began when I was in elementary school and I was in the Boys Scout club. Every summer, we usually went camping in the forest and my friends and I were scared to sleep out at night because, we always heard something move around us. Every morning, we complained the scoutmaster and he didn't believe us.The next night we all slept in the same tent, with the scoutmaster. In the morning we saw snakes on the tent, they were very long, slimy, and very ugly. As we were trying to escape, they found a way to enter the tent and we all ran out. The scoutmaster was brave enough to burn down the tent together with the snakes and we vacated the forest.In summary, snakes are the most dangerous animals that give people a lot of terror and pain. Snakes are the most terrifying creatures to me because I won't be able to live with the pain or allow a doctor cut my leg, if I get bitten by snakes.

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