Feminist Criticism (Gender Role) English Essay

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Maria Angelika Louisse B. Ortiz
Early Childhood Education “333 - AA-Observation & Assessment”
Professor: Ms. Nicole Porter
Assignment: Child Portfolio
April 30, 2018
~ Child E- Portfolio Outline
1. Introduction
· Teaching Philosophy
· My teaching philosophy is focused on many different aspects of Early Childhood Learning. I will try everything to discuss and include all the different goals that I am trying to become a future teacher.
· First, I would like to discuss the importance of a quality Early Childhood Environment. It is important to provide an environment that is bright and nutritious, which will stimulate and rejoice without sacrificing safety. Child safety and well-being are essential to a quality of Early Life Environment.
· Second, it is important to care for and cherish each of the children and to create a safe and loving relationship with each other. We must meet every individual need of each child and support the children. We must raise awareness of culture and celebrate individual differences, as well as study learning about other cultures and languages.
· I want to promote learning and celebrate knowledge. My goal is to encourage the excitement about new discoveries and discover the different areas of learning. I would like to have a satisfying and uplifting curriculum that will cater intellectual abilities, as well as physical and socio-emotional domains.
· I also think it is important to include the theory as well as research when it provides a quality environment and curriculum. Teachers are important for us to continue expanding our knowledge and incorporating new ideas and research into our curriculum.
· One of the theorists I included in my philosophy was Lev Vygotsky and his theory of scaffolding. I believe it's important to change the level of support to meet the capabilities of each individual child. Not all children are at the same level depending on their age.
· I also believe in Erickson's theory, saying that children learn through play. I think it is necessary for us to promote the children who are learning through play. We know that socio-dramatic play is important for a child to take care of their imagination ...


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