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Jonathan Chambers
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26 March 2018
“Not So Lucky Lottery”
The word Lottery is often thought, in today’s time, as being a good thing. Perhaps money could be won or even a prize possession and not everyone would have to participate. However, in the short story “The Lottery” the ending is not quite what everyone would expect.
The symbolism of the word lottery can mean so many different things. A lottery could be a drawing of lots in which prizes are given to the winners, a drawing of lots used to decide something, or an event whose outcome is determined by chance. In the short story “The Lottery” the term lottery is an event whose outcome is determined by Tessie Hutchinson who drew the ticket with the black dot.
Another form of symbolism in the story is the black box. The black box is used to hold the pieces of paper from which the paper is drawn by the people in the town. The black box is a symbol of something bad to happen. Just the color of the box lets the reader know that its not a joyous lottery. Mr. Warner, the lotteries official, stated after reading the directio...


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